10 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Reviews

Fastpitch Softball Bats

The key to your best performance in any sport depends on how better you are performing. The performance substantially depends upon the materials that you use and how much skillful you are with those materials. So to become a better performer we can’t depend on a faulty item.

Similarly, if you are on a search of a well performing fastpitch softball bat, you must be looking at the willow that can easily send the balls farther using slightest of your muscle power and using maximum placement. You would like to hold a light weighted material and also won’t risk to load your children with a heavy bat. A better fastpitch softball bat is designed to maximize the sweet spot that enables the hitter to maximize the probability of getting good placements. The grip to hold a bat always remains consequential.

So we are enlisting a list of 10 best fastpitch softball bats that will aggravate your desires in the sport. You would like to gift these stellar your children that would bring more happiness to their faces. Imagine your child making decent singles as he play and in a sudden he hits towards the fence, won’t that be magical to you. So here are 10 awesome stuffs.

10 of the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

Where to Buy
2016 Easton FP16S312 FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat
Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta Fastpitch Bat
Slugger Fast Pitch Proven
DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat
Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat
Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 Fastpitch Bat
Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat

1. 2016 Easton FP16S312 FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This softball bat from Easton has a 29/32” composite handle containing 1.2mm hyperskinatum grip that provides it an impressive grip that is most important to make great contacts with the ball. The improvised technology is engineered to make the design more suitable to find sweet spot every time it makes a contact. It is crafted to increase the swing speed so that you can hit the ball hard while the better engineering makes it total vibration free. It is a delightful willow to own that always make you excel and improve performance.

2. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Louisville Slugger is a star performer and it has become better with its unique performance plus composite that boasts zero friction and double wall design. This ensures the barrel to reach its maximum flexibility without much resistance. The power capabilities has left more mark with the patented ist technology, 2 piece construction and barrel technology. The light swing weight, superior balance and maximised sweet spot makes it a perfect tool to play a dreaming inning. The barrel flex has been crafted to get maximum performance. This is a stellar craftsmanship and a stealing item.

3. DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta Fastpitch Bat

This DeMarini Fastpich bat brings enormous confidence to the sport when it is held. The boasting paradox barrel makes it a supreme performer as it gets an enhanced sweeter spot. The D- Fusion Lite Handle empowers you to swing harder as ever and beast your muscle power without getting any harsh feedback from the force. It generates an optimum weight with a pump of ball launching energy on impact. It is capable to meet 1.20 BPF Bat standard. This is designed with great improvisation and using nasty science but the end-product is light, smooth and stellar performer.

4. Slugger Fast Pitch Proven

This C1C composite designed Slugger is a wonder performer. It has a balanced swing weight and has a perfect length to weight ratio. The designs make it one precise willow that can launch ball anywhere in the field and a maximized sweet spot that always promise better placement. It carries an explosive power shift and better grip to handle better hold. This supreme and comforting features promise a bounty of great performance to the owner. You need to get this thing and start playing and it won’t be late to find your dream inning coming.

5. DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat

This is a product from DeMarini that is engineered to give you least of strain and launch a powerful performance every time. The fibre restructured composite handles rules out hand stings and vibrations. The handle and barrel are supremely crafted to generate maximum launching energy and optimum flex. The handling and gripping has become so impressive with the hybrid comfort grip while the DX1 alloy promises great balance of high KSI strength and fracture avoiding capabilities. This is a durable and a powerful performer.

6. DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat

This DeMarini product is technically sound and powerful item to launch stunning shots. The sweet spot is designed precisely for better placement and 12 length to weight ratio signifies its balanced design. It carries 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter to get more better hold and performance. The light weight feel makes things better and a supreme grip assist in launching powerful shots without caring much of the impact. It comes with a 1 year’s manufacturer warranty and it claims its durable features boldly. You don’t need to wait much and grab this item because it’s a guaranteed performer.

7. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger boasts performance plus composite that is lighter and more enduring. The S1iD barrel improvisation makes the barrel flex to attain its maximum allowable performance mode. The handle and barrel connection has got more sound with iST technology and it makes so delightful to hold this stellar. The zero friction double wall is crafted to a maximised flex. It is ergonomically designed to attain a balanced swing weight to carve out maximum swing speed. So, this has wrapped some latest technical hunt to bring the best in a willow.

8. Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 Fastpitch Bat

This Wilson DeMarini product has become more light and strong. The paradox plus composite allows it to generate maximum pop. The stacked double wall construction balances the trampoline impact along the complete barrel to attain a maximum allowable performance. The concave design brings mass stiffness close to the end of the barrel and this ensures better placement with a perfect contact on the sweet spot. The available D-Fusion 2.0 handle minimises the vibration and harsh feedback after making a powerful hit. It is strong but feel so soft.

9. Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This Easton product with ultra-thin 29/32” handle has a performance diamond grip to offer great hold while launching best assaults from the willow. It is delightfully designed for low M.O.I and to generate faster swing speeds. The extra long barrel with 2 piece composite speed design makes it a power performer while the TCT Thermo Composite Technology supplies a massive sweet spot and exceptional bat speed. The conation technology is applied to lessen the vibration while reducing the feedback even after rash drives. It is best at its price and has a never settling image.

10. Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat

This bat from Mizuno allows a better performance from least of your efforts with its promising and technical aspects. It carries a light weight design so that hitter never doubt for attaining maximum swing speed. The cushioned and padded grip gives heavenly comfort to hold while it unleashes the confidence from inside to bang a delivery hard like anything. The available MZ-1700 aluminium alloy guides through every shot while players hit effortlessly to carve out best shots. It is an ultimate choice to own while it never disappoints you in its durable reign.


There are a number of bats in the market but only a few meet the rich lists of demands because a better technology and design always remain the key to manufacture a powerful and comforting willow. It’s the use of science in the heaviest way possible and to make a magical object and benefit the user like it’s some kind of magic. The main thing is getting the best out of anything.