Introduction and Reviews of Infielder Gloves

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The infield is the backbone of any baseball team’s defense. Without a good infield, a pitcher cannot be successful. Without a good infield, the chances of winning drop dramatically. Thus, it is incredibly important for infielders to have equipment they are comfortable with so that they can perform at their highest level … Read more

Introduction and Reviews of Outfielder Gloves

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There are many different types of gloves in baseball. Each serves its own purpose and its form is designed for maximum efficiency for that position. The outfielders glove is, quite obviously, used at the left, center, and right field positions. The outfielders gloves, when compared to others, are much longer and has … Read more

Introduction and Reviews of Pitching Gloves

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A pitcher needs many things to succeed. Thick skin, focus, athleticism, and of course, a good glove are all essentials for a good pitcher. A pitcher’s glove is his best friend on the field; because of this, it is of the utmost importance for a pitcher to find a glove that fits … Read more

Overview of Baseball Gloves – By Type and Position

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A good glove is a must-have for any baseball player. Without one, baseball is impossible to play. However, gloves have not always looked like they have today. In fact, they have not even always been a part of a baseball player’s equipment. Baseball has been around for well over a century. Back … Read more

Introduction and Reviews of Baseball Accessories

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Whether they are required or not, baseball accessories will definitely help in honing a baseball player’s skills and putting him to the top of his game. If you are new to baseball or you have just got past the basic and essential baseball gear, now it’s time for you to know about … Read more

Guide to Baseball Protective Gear

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Baseball may not be considered as a heavily physical sport where a rough-and-tumble interaction is normally seen, such as you would in basketball or football. But it doesn’t mean that, as a baseball player, you are exempt from accidents and injuries especially with a very hard ball flying around. You still run … Read more

Guide to Baseball Uniforms

Baseball Uniforms

Every game has its own uniform, and baseball uniforms are totally unique for the sport. Of course, you cannot play a good game of baseball without the proper gear, equipment and uniform. Like many sports uniforms, a baseball uniform has evolved throughout the decades. A baseball uniform is not just for attire, … Read more

Introduction to Baseball Bats

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Apart from the baseball (the ball itself), the bat is one of the unique things about baseball. It is a long and smooth club used to hit the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher. Aluminum vs. Wood Baseball bats are made of either wood or metal. Most wooden bats are … Read more