Five training aids to up your baseball game

Training regularly is what differentiates amateur players from pro athletes. And, no matter the sport, you might need some investment if you want to up your game.

That’s how some of the best undrafted NBA players, NFL players and MLB players were able to turn around after adversities and being picked for elite sports, despite not being chosen in any draft. Practising is key and having the best set of tools definitely helps.

However, mastering the skills of baseball might seem like a tough thing to achieve. Particularly if you’re regularly practising alone.

There are tools out there for you though and here we look at some of the best training aids to enhance your game and – with the exception of number three – all can be used whether training by yourself or with another person.

Number 1. Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer

On first look, this swing trainer doesn’t look all that useful, however, if your grounding of the basics is already in place then this could really assist your development. Essentially, it clips to the bat and allows for a regulation baseball to be placed into the clasp. When swinging, the ball is released in a natural way.

This means by making small tweaks to the clasp positioning you’ll be able to nail down the precise point where contact is needed in your swing for optimum results.

Number 2. PowerNet Practice Net

A practice net is one of the less exciting suggestions on our list but training without one will be a long and arduous task. These nets come endorsed by professional baseball player Andrelton Simmons and softball pro Kirsti Merritt with their claims of exceptional durability a massive tick in the positive column.

You can use the net to help drive batting, pitching and general throwing. On top of that, it’s been designed for easy up, easy down use meaning it literally takes a matter of seconds to get things up and running.

Number 3. SKLZ Impact training balls

As training balls go, you’ll do well to find better value for money than the SKLZ impact training balls. You can pick them up for around $20 per pack and they’re built to last; in fact, they claim to be near indestructible. The purpose of these balls is two-fold. Firstly, despite giving the hitter a realistic feel, the balls are designed not to travel nearly as far as real baseballs.

This means the area you can practice in has just broadened substantially but, more importantly, the balls give instant feedback to the batter to help close off the gaps in their game.

Number 4. Insider Bat Baseball Pitcher trainer

This is a must have for any aspiring pitchers out there. It’s a full-size ball but comes with various patterns and colour coded sections that aid the user in where and how to throw the ball to master different pitch techniques.

It’s cleverly set up to work regardless of whether you’re a right or left-handed pitcher. It even comes with a selection of cards that explain the techniques you’ll be learning.

Number 5. The Tanner Tee Original

The Tanner Tee was developed with players of all levels in mind and despite its affordable price tag of $50 it’s still used by MLB teams and college teams alike.

The tee, which has been developed over a 25 year period, allows for batters to master their swing and contact without a pitcher and where the Tanner Tee sets itself apart from the competition is through a combination of adjustable height and flexible neck.

This serves two purposes; firstly, the tee reduces impact on the batter preventing injury but it allows the batter to ‘feel’ the ball rather than hitting through a rigid tee. Once you’ve used the Tanner Tee you will not want to use another and because of the patented technology used you won’t find a similar version either.

There you have it, five bits of baseball kit that can improve your game with no input from anybody else.