Baseball Uniforms – Not Much Difference Over the Years

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Baseball is considered more than just a sport and pastime – it’s an American institution. It has entertained us, excited us, and gotten us to the edge of our seats for over 100 years.  Along with the evolution of this sport are the changes in the uniforms of several baseball clubs. Since … Read more

You May Not Know Baseball Uniforms Are Not Made of Cotton

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The purpose of sports uniforms may need little explanation. But if one has to describe the need for uniforms in the first place, there are many reasons for that. One – encouraging unity for the team. Two – creating a unique identity for the team. Three – allowing quick identification for the … Read more

Guide to Baseball Uniforms

Baseball Uniforms

Every game has its own uniform, and baseball uniforms are totally unique for the sport. Of course, you cannot play a good game of baseball without the proper gear, equipment and uniform. Like many sports uniforms, a baseball uniform has evolved throughout the decades. A baseball uniform is not just for attire, … Read more