What Equipment Does a Baseball Coach Need?

Coaching a team during gameplay is not the only role that a coach has! A coach also wants his team to come prepared in every practice and game. But coaches need to be prepared, too. And in order to do that, they will want to be ready with the right gear and equipment. 

Many players prefer to bring their own gear; nevertheless, it’s better for a coach to be prepared in case some players don’t. The following lists the essential equipment that every baseball coach shall need:

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1. Baseballs (the actual balls)

Baseballs are an absolute must-have! Of course, a team cannot play or practice without essential equipment. Whether they are running drills on the field or practicing on their swings, a coach will want to make sure that his team has enough balls to perform the drills he has planned. Three to four dozen baseballs are enough to get through the practice drills, while one to two baseballs are typically used in every game day (and are usually provided by the club, organization, or league). It also helps to have a couple of buckets to hold the baseballs.

2. Baseball bats

For batters or hitters, they cannot complete their job if they do not have baseball bats, to begin with. Coaches should also bring baseball bats with them all the time. Once again, some players might bring their own bat, but having a variety of bats ensures that players make the most of their time at the plate. For added convenience, you should bring a portable bat rack.

3. Water

It’s essential to keep everyone in the team hydrated, especially when they’re practicing and playing in the open air and under the hot sun. While some players would bring their own jugs of water, it’s always better to have extra. This large water jug comes with hooks to hang on baseball practice and barrier nets.

4. Training aids

Depending on the skill level of a team, they may need to use a variety of training aids to improve their game. They will be helpful, most especially while they’re practicing on their pitching, hitting, or fielding. Some of these training aids include practice nets, training gloves, training gloves, batting tees, velocity speed gun, pitching trainer, paddles, baseball resistance bands, and a lot more to help the team to hone their skills.

5. Extra gear

A coach should prepare his team not just during practices, but most importantly, on the game day itself. If you are currently coaching a baseball team, you should bring lots of the same items that you would bring during practice such as batting helmets, catcher’s gear, extra gloves and mitts, gear bags, as well as extra baseballs and bats.

6. Organizational supplies

As a coach, it’s also your responsibility to keep tabs on your team’s progress and to ensure that they are in their best shape, whether during drills or in actual matches.

You may need the following: clipboard, scorebook, pens or pencils, buckets for player gear in the dugout (particularly useful for younger players), tape measure, collapsible wagon, plastic cones, and throw down bases.

Some mobile apps, such as GameChanger, are also useful to help coaches keep their team’s scores and have access to their stats anytime, anywhere.

The list may be definitely exhaustive, but these items should help a baseball coach – neophyte and even veteran coaches – what kind of gear will help them be successful with their team. The coach and his or her team may use the equipment throughout the season to make things a bit easier. Using the correct gear will inspire the players to learn, grow with, and enjoy the game.