Baseball Glove Brand Most MLB Players Use

One of the essential parts of a baseball gear is the glove. There are many types of baseball gloves, including fielder gloves, catcher’s mitts, infield gloves, outfield gloves, first base gloves, and training gloves.

Apart from the type of gloves you’re looking for, you look at the brand as a factor for scoring the best gloves. Actually, it’s the brand that influences most people’s purchasing decisions, for better or for worse. They will patronize a particular baseball glove brand that their Major League Baseball idols use in every game. Certain key brands (especially Rawlings and Wilson), have maintained the trust and loyalty of the majority of MLB stars.

You know that the right glove makes a big difference. Let’s look at some of the top baseball glove brands that most MLB layers trust.

Rawlings logo

Rawlings – the baseball glove brand that most MLB players use

Rawlings is so famous that even a non-baseball fan is familiar with it. The company was founded by brothers George and Alfred Rawlings in 1887. It may manufacture various baseball equipment, but it is primarily known for baseball gloves. The combination of history and quality has led Rawlings to become one of the most trusted and iconic baseball glove brands. As of 2019, Rawlings’s gloves have been worn by 59% of MLB players and 54% of MLB starters.

Rawlings has widespread usage in MLB and a couple of featured glove series.

One of them is the Pro Preferred, which has earned the support of many MLB stars, including Chicago Club teammates Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Recent superstars such as Aaron Judge, Francisco Lindor and Mike Trout as well as veterans Dallas Keuchel and Joey Votto are just a sample of the baseball stars wearing this line.

In this article we’re highlighting the Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series, which also happens to be the most rated baseball equipment on Amazon right now. It is available for both left- and right-handed players, players of all positions, and seven fantastic to choose from. It is made from premium leather for durability and has a zero-shock palm padding to cushion from the impact of hard-thrown speedballs. Like all baseball gloves, it has a basket weave that allows you to close your hand on the ball to maintain possession.

Another baseball glove line that Rawlings are proud of is the Heart of the Hide line, which offers gloves handcrafted from the top five-percent of steerhides (a leather made from male cows, known as steers). The Heart of the Hide tends to be the center portion or prime cut of the smaller hide and is usually thicker than the other leathers, making it durable but also easy to shape. This top-grade leather allows the glove to mold the player’s hand for a snug feel while maintaining the durability needed to play at the highest level.

Many of the star catchers, including Gary Sanchez, Buster Posey, and Yadier Molina, all use the Heart of the Hide. Superstar Bryce Harper and Gold Glove winners Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado, and Paul Goldschmidt also wear this line.

Cody Bellinger, Eric Hosmer, Corey Seager, and Christian Yelch are also seen wearing Rawlings gloves.

Other major baseball glove brands that MLB stars also use

Wilson logoWilson – Wilson Sporting Goods, or Wilson, is another major sports brand in the US that has a significant international presence. Unlike Rawlings, which focuses on making baseball gear, Wilson manufactures equipment for various sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

Wilson has released and sold plenty of baseball glove series. However, the Wilson A2000 series has what it takes to secure the company’s throne. It is available for all positions (outfield, infield, training, etc.). It is made from Pro Stock leather, known for its rugged durability and unparalleled feel. The comfy pad and double lacing at the glove’s base make itself the best choice for players who have to encounter hard-hit balls every game. Prices depend on the size, color, and position. 

Wilson’s baseball gloves, especially the A2000 and the other series, the A2K, have been worn by several MLB players. They include All-Stars Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Correa, and Ender Inciarte.

mizuno brand

Mizuno – In Osaka, Japan, in 1906, brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno set up a Western sundries shop to earn money for their start-up. A year later, they began to sell made-to-order athletic wear. The Mizuno brothers’ passion for baseball inspired them to open a company manufacturing baseball equipment. They manufactured artillery and military equipment for the Japanese army during World War II. But they continued making quality baseball gear. While Mizuno doesn’t have the level of popularity as Rawlings’s and Wilson’s, the company’s reputation for good-quality leather is just as good as anyone else in baseball.

The Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series, released in 2019, is Mizuno’s latest glove masterpiece. It combines durability with comfort with its Bio-Soft leather – you can feel the softness and smoothness as you slip your hand inside it. Professional-level lace and the outlined, embroidered logo gives the entire glove a premium look – but without the premium price. Overall, the Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series is an ideal baseball glove representing its value.

For more information on Mizuno and other baseball glove companies in Japan, check out our article on several Japanese Baseball Glove Manufacturers.

All-Star – All-Star is a family-owned sporting goods company established in 1960. A few years after its founding, the company began making baseball gear, including gloves, as baseball was the family’s passion. 

The company’s baseball gloves are one of the products that deserve to be called an “all-star”: its uncompromising quality. All-Star’s baseball gloves are made of no less than high-quality leather, which is durable and does exactly as it is made to do: to provide protection to your hand and make the game easier to play.

From All-Star’s line of baseball gloves, we think that the All-Star Pro Advanced is one of the best catcher mitts lately. Some players want to keep things simple and comfortable but doing exactly as they should – and the All-Star Pro Advanced’s fitted and streamlined design will more than meet their expectations. The padding is soft and comfortable and, at the same time, can absorb shock, making the glove a perfect choice for anyone wanting to be the next MLB star catcher. The only drawback about this glove is that it is available in only one color – but it’s just a tiny criticism compared to its significant advantages.

Marucci logo

Marucci – Even though it’s a recently established company, Marucci has already carved a respected spot in the baseball equipment industry. Although it is primarily known for its baseball bats, Marucci’s other baseball gear, like the Marucci Acadia Series Baseball Glove, has been gaining more attention among baseball players and fans. 

It is made from full shell leather that provides durability, while the padded palm lining minimizes weight. It has soft leather that comes with a 60% factory break-in. The glove’s fingertips are reinforced to protect your digits from injury during baseball throwing and catching. The laces are made from pro-grade rawhide laces to strengthen and make the gloves longer-lasting. The Marucci Acadia Series Baseball Glove is durable yet lightweight so that anyone can wear it.