Creating a Backyard Batting Cage

American’s love of outdoor sports like baseball has not faded even in this era of social media and technology. Across the United States, it’s no wonder that batting cages are doing vibrant business in towns, cities, and suburbs. If you are planning to throw a party in your backyard or just want to invite your friends over more often, what better way to add a little excitement and create a cohesive gift for the weekly gatherings than by setting up your backyard batting cage.

Naturally, many owners think twice about setting up batting cages in their backyard. This seems to be a big project involving many parts and advanced planning. If you are a serious beginner or professional baseball player and you know what it looks like to have a proper batting cage because of personal preference, it is a fairly simple project. Almost everything depends on your imagination, you just need enough space.

While creating a backyard batting cage, you need to buy commercial nets first. Your baseball and softball practice at home will be accommodated by using high-quality commercial nets. If you are having a spacious backyard in your home, then you can create your batting cage for practice, and then you don’t have to rent a field for baseball or softball practice.

Where to Buy
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JUGS Batting Cage Nets - #42 Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene - Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade


Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage

Fortress baseball batting cage makes everything comfortable and unique with the trapezoidal waistline. If you buy the kit, you will get threads, galvanized steel post-four-way corner connectors, ground anchors, and three-way connectors. Black powder coating on steel poles protects it from rusting. The net is shaped like a square mesh so that it hangs straight. With UV stabilization technology, this net lasts longer than the other nets without UV protectors.

Pro Quality Baseball Batting Cage

ProQuality has produced baseball batting cages which will be another great idea for making a garden batting cage. It consists of galvanized steel poles that will hold firmly to any ground surface. The netting is made by combining UV coated materials and overlocked edges with shrinkage and rot resistance. As the materials are not recycled, they make a series of more durable nets. You will have more room to move because of the trapezoid shape.

Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage

Another idea for making a simple batting cage without exerting much effort is to use this batting cage. This is another product made by Fortress. If your garden can accommodate at least 20 feet long for the cage, you should give it a try. For easy assembly, the product comes with a series of built-in solid steel poles, nets, and earth spikes. Again, this product is UV protected, rot proof, and weather resistant. With knotted and overlocked edges, the frame will last longer.

Flair Sports Pitch Back Rebound Net

This Rebound Net allows you to practice without a partner, and the net will work as a trampoline. You can practice throwing the ground and fly balls, pitching, and many more. It is the highest quality net available with the thickest steel frame. One can see the center of the net because of the highly-visible neon orange center. This helps the players to know where to hit and where to throw the ball. This net will help you to develop skills for every position in the baseball game. It is a heavy-duty net that will last for more than your expectations.

Franklin Sports MLB Flexpro Net

If you are looking for a portable batting cage net for your backyard, then Franklin Sports MLB Flexpro Net is the best batting cage net according to your need. It breaks down or sets up within a matter of minutes. The durability of the net is because of the fiberglass flex-post construction that remains upright through most of the impacts during batting practice. There is a ball-catch netting the frame, which makes it easy to collect the balls after use. The size of the net is 5’ x 5’.

Trigon Sports Procage Batting Tunnel Net

ProCage Batting cages are assembled from heavy-duty synthetic HDPE extruded fiber with permanent black color and critical sunlight / U.V light. Inhibitors are in each filament, and nets are composed of extremely abrasion-resistant twisted knot netting. In commercial use, it is the browny form of a batting cage net. A 3-year warranty on the most common sizes is making the batting cage net better.

Permanent black color:The filaments of the net do not require re-dyeing, and they do not fade because each filament is void in black. The batting cage net is 100% waterproof and the best batting net for outdoor use, such as in your backyard.

U.V. Protected:The U.V additives are squeezed out with the filaments. The coating of U.V additives does not require re-retreatment, and they do not wear off the net.

Twist Knot Construction:The strongest form of batting cage net for commercial use. It will not work if it is cut. The long-term use of the net is an important factor because of very high abrasion resistance.

Reduced stretch:Unable to fall from a high ceiling or hang up net due to stretching or sagging.

Hung Square:This net is ranked the best in appearance, just like tennis nets. It allows the tunnel to hang straight and open fully for batting practice. The reinforced edges, corners, and seams make it more durable.

Rope Reinforcement:A heavy synthetic rope machine stitched on security stitches; is used on all edges, corners, and top hanger. There is no rope slippage, and it is more durable than vinyl edging.

Baseball Batting Cage Net – #42 Heavy Duty Net [Net World Sports]

Built to Last:The batting cage net; is strengthened by using poly twine. It keeps everyone protected from the stray balls.

Strong netting:The twisted twine netting ensures that it withstands the baseball powering into it time and time again.

U.V Protected:The batting cage net is U.V protected and rot-proof, which gives the net supreme durability.

If you want to use a batting cage net in your backyard, then it will be the best one to use for your batting practice in your backyard.

JUGS Batting Cage Net

All of the JUGS nets come with a JUGS Hitter’s Door for easy in-and-out access for the baseball players. The twisted knotted black polyethylene nets are specifically designed; for the use of baseball and softball batting practice and they hang on the square. The knotted nets have high strength and durability, which makes them superior for baseball and softball batting practice in your backyard. The rotting of the net is prevented; by using the polyethylene netting because it does not absorb water. The polyethylene netting makes it perfect for the wet and humid hot climates in different areas. All of the JUGS nets are black in color and offer the best protection from U.V rays. The darker the color, the greater the U.V deflection. The U.V protection is a must in batting cage nets because all of the other companies incorporate the industry’s highest U.V protection.

If you want to play baseball or softball in your backyard, this set of frames comes highly recommended.