Introduction and Reviews of Pitching Gloves

A pitcher needs many things to succeed. Thick skin, focus, athleticism, and of course, a good glove are all essentials for a good pitcher. A pitcher’s glove is his best friend on the field; because of this, it is of the utmost importance for a pitcher to find a glove that fits him.

A pitcher’s glove has no embellishments in size or pocket depth present in other types of glove. This is because, quite simply, it needs none of these things. No deep pocket is needed like in the outfield; no outrageous size like a first baseman’s mitt. The only thing that is changed about a pitcher’s glove is that the pocket is slightly enlarged to allow for manipulation of the ball by the pitcher. Pitcher’s gloves always have closed webbings so that the opposing team cannot see the pitch about to be thrown.

Oftentimes, lighter material is used for pitcher’s gloves. This is to provide comfort for the pitcher more than anything else. The padding in a pitcher’s glove is often less than in other gloves. This is because more often than not, a pitcher will not have to be fielding the ball. Generally speaking, a pitcher’s glove is more comfortable on the hand than other gloves simply because they are designed that way.

Here are some of the top pitching gloves in recent years:

1. Nokona X2 Elite Series

This glove is both comfortable and durable, which are both very desirable qualities in a glove. It is fairly simple, as pitcher’s gloves are wont to be. It has a closed web design, which is fairly ubiquitous for pitcher’s gloves. The pocket is also designed to better handle hard line drives hit back at the pitcher. Its 12-inch pocket helps with this as well, giving the pitcher a better chance of catching those fairly terrifying comebackers. Nokona’s testing process for each of their gloves has the advantageous side affect of making the glove slightly easier to break in. This means for the pitcher that their new glove will be usable that much quicker.

2. Rawlings Pro Preferred Dual Hinge

This glove has incredible high durability and comfort levels. The break in period is slightly slower than other pitcher’s gloves. Within the glove is a special material designed to keep sweating down to a minimum. This helps with comfort for the hand quite a bit. It is also helps provide durability as the less moisture a glove is exposed to the longer it will last. The Pro Preferred also has extra padding in the thumb socket for extra comfort when catching a baseball. This glove was also based off the glove that Max Scherzer uses. As a side note, there are several versions of the Pro Preferred. Make sure to buy the Dual Hinge as it is the one that will keep the pitcher’s ball hidden from the batters.

3. Louisville Slugger 12-Inch FG Genesis

This Louisville Glove, while technically classified as an infielder’s glove, is an excellent choice for a pitcher. It is made from buffalo hide and has great durability because of the oil-treated leather. It has a mesh exterior. This makes it very light and keeps the hand from sweating too much or overheating. There is also an adjustable Velcro strap to ensure the glove stays on the pitcher’s hand. There is also a 1-year warranty that comes with the glove in case of accidents occurring.

4. Mizuno GMVP1177PSE3 Baseball Glove

Mizuno is a very famous and high-quality glove manufacturer. The glove incorporates heel-flex technology that helps ensure flexibility and ease of closing the glove. The glove is made of very high-quality leather that provides tons of comfort and durability as well as exceptional control over the baseball and the glove itself by the player. The glove has a very strong edge that gives the glove a stable pinky and thumb for extra safety. The inner palm of the glove has extra padding to protect the palm from high-velocity comebackers. The glove also comes in four colors.

5. Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Game Model

Wilson is one of the best glove manufacturers, period. Its A2000 series are some of the best gloves in the world. They are made from world class Pro Stock leather. This makes them incredibly durable. This glove also has Dri-lex lining, an ultra-breathable film that does away with sweat and moisture that helps keep the hand from getting slippery in the glove. This helps increase the longevity of the glove. This model is designed directly after the glove type Clayton Kershaw uses to pitch. The A2000 can also be heavily customized, allowing for the pitcher to have the glove that fits them the best.

There are many pitching gloves available you can find more options and reviews here.