Introduction to Catcher’s Mitts

Baseball gloves can come in different shapes and sizes, and one of the types of baseball gloves that you would commonly see on the baseball field is the catcher’s mitt. The catcher’s mitt is arguably one of the most protective types of baseball gloves used in today’s era of baseball.

Catcher’s mitts have thick layers of padding that are needed for catchers, who are responsible for catching baseball thrown by pitchers and are unable to hit by batters or hitters. To learn more about this particular type of baseball glove, here is an introduction to catcher’s mitts and their benefits to catchers.

What are Catcher’s Mitts?

catcher wearing a catcher’s mitt

The catcher’s mitt is a type of baseball glove that is primarily worn by the catcher, who is positioned behind the hitter or batter on the baseball field. The catcher would have to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher, and if you have played or watched baseball, you will know how fast the ball travels from the pitcher’s throwing hand to the batter. Because of how heavy baseballs are, they will definitely hit hard when they are thrown at high speeds. So, the catcher’s mitt should have a lot of padding to protect the catcher’s gloved hand.

Besides having more padding, another interesting aspect of the catcher’s mitt is that it doesn’t have individual slots for the fingers, which you would usually see on other types of baseball gloves like infielder gloves, outfielder gloves, and pitching gloves. The fingerless design of the catcher’s mitt is supposed to help in providing more protection from the fingers since their placement is sturdier and less prone to movements that can cause injuries.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Catcher’s Mitts?

Catcher’s mitts have different benefits that can help the catcher have a better experience catching baseballs on the field. Take a look below for information about each benefit of wearing catcher’s mitts.

Plenty of Padding for Protection

catcher’s mitt with plenty of padding

The main reason why catchers prefer to wear catcher’s mitts instead of other types of baseball gloves is that the catcher’s mitts offer plenty of padding for protection. Baseballs, as we have stated before, can travel fast and hit hard, so catchers would need all the protection that they need in order to prevent bruises and injuries caused by baseballs.

One of the pieces of equipment that they should wear is the catcher’s mitt, which has a lot of padding inside that serves as cushioning and impact protection. In addition to the catcher’s mitt, catchers would also wear a chest protector so that baseball that they are unable to catch and hit their chest won’t hurt them. Catchers would also wear knee savers and leg guards so that they can also protect their lower legs from baseballs while they are squatting.

Fingerless Design for Sturdiness

The catcher’s mitt has a fingerless design that improves the sturdiness of the gloved hand to avoid injuries and unnecessary movements. The finger slots found in other types of baseball gloves are beneficial in improving the dexterity of the hands while also providing flexibility. So, if an infielder or outfielder wants to catch the baseball in different directions, they will be able to move their hands and fingers quickly. In addition, the finger slots also allow baseball players to close their hands quickly to secure the ball that they caught.

Catchers don’t really need dexterity or flexibility, as the baseballs they are going to catch have just one trajectory, and that is towards the batter in front of them. What catchers do need is the sturdiness that catcher’s mitts provide so that their fingers won’t move independently and get injured while they are trying to catch baseballs that are traveling at high speeds.

Closed Webbing for Support

catcher’s mitt with closed webbing

Catcher’s mitts have closed webbing between the thumb and the fingers so that the catcher will have more support when it comes to catching baseballs. Closed webbing is a web or pocket design that is primarily used to add sturdiness to baseball gloves. So, the closed webbing is also useful to prevent the gloved hand and its fingers from moving, thus creating a sturdier and steadier catch for the catcher.

However, the closed webbing can be found in the pitching glove as well, although the web or pocket has a different purpose for the pitcher. The closed web or pocket for the pitching glove is used by the pitcher to hide his throwing hand, which could often indicate what type of pitch or throwing technique he or she will use.

Made From Thick and Rigid Leather for Durability

Because the catcher would have to catch heavy baseballs that can hit hard when they travel fast, the catcher’s mitts need to be made of thick and rigid leather so that they can withstand hard hits and can last for a long time. The best catcher’s mitts are made from genuine leather that is thicker and significantly more durable compared to synthetic leather.

But, it is important to note that inexpensive catcher’s mitts may be made from synthetic leather or pigskin leather, so they are less durable than high-quality catcher’s mitts. While the best catcher’s mitts are expensive, their price is justified by how long they last on the baseball field.

Catcher’s mitts are essential pieces of equipment for catchers. Without a catcher’s mitts, catchers will definitely have a difficult time catching balls and quickly returning them to the pitcher. Buy the best catcher’s mitts on the market by checking online stores and reading reviews created by people that have tried and tested different catcher’s mitts and other types of baseball gloves.