Introduction to Pocket Radar

If you are still new to baseball yet, you may probably have no idea about the Pocket Radar and its role to the sport.

The Pocket Radar is a radar gun or a speed gun, a device used to measure the speed of moving objects  – in this case, the speed of a pitched baseball.

A little history about the Pocket Radar: It was developed and manufactured by Pocket Radar Inc. which is based in Santa Rosa, California. The company’s founders were developers in wireless and communication technology who once worked for separate companies (which include Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems) before they met and eventually formed Pocket Radar together.

Pocket Radar utilizes microwave signal emission and detection methods, technologies which are similar in Doppler radar speed guns that law enforcement uses primarily to measure moving vehicles. Like many radar guns, the Pocket Radar is a hand-held device.

And because it is handy, the Pocket Radar is also widely used by athletes, trainers and coaches, as well as sports fans. It only fits in the palm of your hand, but it can measure speeds from 7 to 375 miles per hour (mph), with an accuracy of ±1 mph (±1.6 km/h). The Pocket radar can also measure feet per second or meters per second.

The Pocket Radar is a valuable tool in baseball especially during training. Using the Pocket Radar in measuring the pitching speed, it helps in improving pitching stats – to keep the hitters off-balance and to develop pitching arm strength and performance.

Pocket Radar aims to offer high performance at a reasonable price – radar units that will provide accurate and reliable readings without breaking the bank. Here are a couple of the most popular Pocket Radar models:

1) Ball Coach

The “Ball Coach” is one of the most popular Pocket Radar models out there. It is designed to be small (it just fits in the palm of an average male’s hand), lightweight (weighing just a few ounces) and user-friendly. And it’s also easy on the pocket as well. It runs by batteries instead of charging, so no worries about low battery issues caused by insufficient charging. Through this model, Pocket Radar wanted to change the way that coaches and trainers use the radar by making it work like a stopwatch. Because of its size, it can be easily put into your pocket, and it can be easily pulled out of it as well whenever you need it on the spot.

The “Ball Coach” has proven to be so accurate that you can compare its performance to that of the bigger, more expensive radar guns – both of them deliver similar results. Pocket Radar is so confident of this product that they even offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

2) “Smart Coach”

The “Smart Coach” is actually Pocket Radar’s first complete speed and video training tool that features an affordable price tag. By providing the most important and valuable data and metrics such as hitting exit velocity, pitch speed and serve speed, the “Smart Coach” enables coaches and trainers to work on, improve and optimize their techniques to get better results. It comes with a companion app to help you keep track on your progress.

Pocket Radar continues to design, develop, engineer and revolutionize speed tracking technology for a vast range of applications, but in a price that everyone can afford.