The Sphynx or Canadian Hairless Cat Breed

One of the most original and unique looking cats that have ever walked the earth has to be the “Sphynx”. One of the main reasons for this is because it is a hairless feline. That’s right, they have absolutely no fur whatsoever. You could say they look rather naked! And this is appealing to some pet owners. Their wrinkly faces, squeamish bodies, and strange appearance are, well, rather cute, some may even say “stunning”.

Where It Came From

This Canadian hairless cat, originated in the town of Ontario in Canada back in 1966, when a litter of kittens emerged as a genetic mutation of various cats throughout history. When people saw this, they decided to make it into an official breed and the rest was history.

Many would think that the reason it is called this is that it came from Egypt, however, this theory was debunked a while ago. The reason for its name is it is derived from a big limestone sculpture of a cat found in Egypt. Feel free to read some further amazing facts about them online.

What It Means To have One

If you looking to give your attention to something, let it be this hairless creature. They love it! They enjoy meeting new people, love affection, and cannot get enough of it. They usually follow their owners from one part of the house to the other like a shadow, but not in a creepy way, rather cutely and lovingly. They do not mind being picked up.

In terms of their energy levels, they have plenty of that and love exploring things by themselves. If you’ve got a chase toy, their happy to play along. They go around the house looking into things like countertops, cupboards, underneath beds and are very intelligent and curious at the same time.

Their affection can rub off on you, with their purrs all night long with the ultimate combination of mischievous and intelligent, who wouldn’t want this guy?

External Traits and Caring for Them

As mentioned above, they have no hair, so they wrinkly skin instead. The only fur you will perhaps find on them is on their nose and behind their ears or on it. It is a medium-sized feline that can grow up to 13 inches and weigh about 12 pounds on average. With a whip-like tail to match.

When caring for them it is good to remember that because of their type of skin, they do not have hair to keep their skin oils intact and as such, they sometimes can feel either buttery and soft or soft and fuzzy, which means they do need regular cleaning and it is advised to bath them at least once a week to keep their skin clean

This is usually done using warm water a specific cat medicated shampoo, and because they have delicate skin, it is important to thoroughly wash off any residue of shampoo or soap on their skin as it is delicate. Patting them down with a towel is enough, do not blow dry them or put them out in the sun to dry.

Canadian Hairless Cat Breed

Things to maintain, because they have no fur to brush, would be their ears, nails, and skin, always. they can get buildups in their inside ear and cause a blockage so to use a soft cloth for their ears after a bath, or even a wet wipe will do. Because they do not have eyelashes one must also check their eyes for any build-up. The same goes for their feet, they could carry inside any dirt or dust in between their nails.

Did you know a Sphinx cat can get acne? That’s correct. Just like human beings they too can get acne, and this is something to look out for. When dirt builds up on their un-clean skin, this can occur, so it is advisable to clean any blackheads with a scrubbing of mild antibacterial soap and warm water. It is always advised to ask a vet before you use any type of product on their skin, such as medicated shampoos and antibacterial soaps.

This may be an obvious thing to mention but because of their skin, they should remain indoors. They are highly intolerant of hot and cold temperatures and can be vulnerable due to their lack of fur, which means you need to make sure they always have blankets and warm sheets at their disposal and throwing in a few cuddly toys. Dressing them up in warm cat attire may be the best thing o do during colder months. But do not forget to wash their clothes thoroughly with mild detergents as well.

All in all, you would treat them like you would your child.