Guide to Buying Used Baseball Equipment

Do you want some good baseball equipment but you cannot afford to buy brand-new ones? The best alternative is to buy used baseball gears – they’re way more affordable, and you will be able to save a lot of money.

However, you know all too well about the quality of baseball equipment which will considerably affect your overall performance, so don’t just get lured too much by the incredible price drops. You have to consider if they are still in good and usable condition. Also, you have to be reminded if these used equipment are still safe to use. Else, your money will only go to waste (and you’d end up getting hurt yourself).

Below is a general guide on buying used baseball equipment:

Baseball gloves:

In buying baseball gloves, you have to check the following things:

  • Strings should be present, intact and properly tied;


  • The glove should be in good condition and have no visible signs of damage.


Otherwise, you don’t want the glove to get itself loose and ripping itself through the web… and you end up with the ball hitting directly at your face.


As with all equipment, you should take note of the safety precautions when buying used baseball helmets. Used helmets may cost you less, but you won’t know how old they are or how many times they have been used. You should check whether the material is still durable. Otherwise, if the material has weakened over time, it can lead to reduced resistance to impact and thus won’t offer much protection to your head.

If you had to buy a used helmet, it would better to buy it from a reputable seller, or a seller whom you personally know and trust (such as your friend, your neighbor or your baseball teammate). They probably know how old the used helmet is and can also certify the integrity and durability of materials.

But when possible, it’s still best to buy a brand-new helmet. It will save you more money in the long run, rather than buying another used helmet if the one you currently use gets damaged.


Most old baseball bats remain in good shape and are still in playable condition. There are old bats that have been swung just once or twice, or taken out of the package but still haven’t been used.

Old wooden bats in particular may have cracks or splinters that cannot be readily seen. These things may cause the bat to break or split especially when it hits the ball.

One good trick to test an old baseball bat’s durability is to roll it on the floor, pavement or any other level surface. If bat bends or breaks a bit, then it should not be a good buy.


Practice balls are likely the most fool-proof purchase among all the other baseball equipment. Just make sure that you check the following:

  • The stitches should be intact and should not come out loose;
  • The cover should not fall off;
  • The ball should have a good weight;
  • The ball should not become waterlogged.




Cleats or spikes are important because they provide additional traction on a slippery or soft surface, since baseball fields are typically made up of different species of grasses.

On buying a new pair of cleats, make sure they should have a perfect fit and in good condition. After you have bought used cleats, don’t forget to clean and disinfect them.

Good places to buy used baseball equipment:

  • Consignment stores that specialize in selling sporting goods;
  • Online shopping stores like eBay or Amazon;
  • Websites that devote to selling one particular kind of baseball gear, such as or
  • Online classified advertisements such as Craiglist;
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, where you can find pages or groups that are dedicated to selling used sprorting goods online;
  • Clearance, closing or end-of-season sales.