What Are the Best Websites for Baseball?

Just like other sports, baseball is chock-full of facts, records, stats and milestones that have been tallied throughout the centuries (yes, centuries) ever since it was invented.

Fans don’t have to thumb through pages of baseball magazines or pore over old and dusty baseball almanacs. Nowadays, they will be able to have access to baseball history, facts, stats, news, articles, trivia, anecdotes and insights by just a click away. While there may be a vast number of baseball resources that you can find online, there are only a few that are truly considered as the best and the most reliable websites for this beloved all-American sport.

Here are some of the best known websites for baseball:

1. MLB.com 

You cannot have the list of the best baseball websites without mentioning MLB.com, which is the official website of Major League Baseball. The site offers virtually everything you need to know about baseball – the latest box scores, fantasy updates, team and player profiles, as well as merchandise that you can purchase straight from the website. It’s the obvious choice for those who want to get a first introduction to baseball. You can set up your own league as easy as 1-2-3 for free and try it out for a season.

2. ESPN Fantasy Baseball

Not really a website per se, but ESPN’s fantasy baseball section has enough criteria to make itself worthy on this list. It’s a great place to get the latest and up-to-date stats and news in real time. If you are already a big fan of baseball, ESPN Fantasy Baseball gives you a chance to start your own fantasy team, which is free. However, extra features such as in-depth player info and player scouting may require a fee.

3. Society for American Baseball Research 

Abbriviated as SABR, this place is a members-only organization to get the most comprehensive sabermetrics, statistics, facts, history and analysis. The term “sabermetrics,” in fact , was coined from the name of this organization. (“SABR” + “metrics”), further raising its profile of being the pioneer of this particular field of advanced baseball info gathering and dissemination. Founded in 1971 by baseball fanatic Bob Davids, SABR has kept its mission to fostering the research and disseminating baseball history, facts and records.

4. Baseball Almanac 

A sports author from Dartmouth College named Harvey Frommer once said: “If there were a Hall of Fame for Internet baseball sites, Baseball Almanac would be a shoo-in for admission.” And that can be really true! Baseball Almanac has tabbed almost everything – history, facts, stats, figures, quotes, anecdotes, and a lot more – relating to America’s most beloved pasttime. If you need to brush up your baseball memory bank, all you need to do is to go to this site. It’s basically a figurative treasure trove for baseball lovers.

5. TG Fantasy Baseball 

TG (Thomas George) Fantasy Baseball makes it to the list because of many wonderful things. First, the site is easy to navigate. Second, it offers excellent comparisons among baseball fantasy clubs where you get helpful opinions. Third, it offers great tips, advice and insights from the other players, which you can access on its forum section.

6. Baseball Reference

If your interest leans more on baseball stats, you can look up to this website. Apart from the standard line of baseball stats, you also get the latest news and additional references (such as draft tools) to further stock up your baseball knowledge. You can find almost every info about baseball – teams, players, leaders, awards, etc. –  from 1901 onwards.

7. Baseball Prospectus 

There are nearly 12 million baseball players in the United States alone, so it’s quite hard to track their status quo. Fortunately, there’s Baseball Prospectus which can keep you up to date about the players, as well as other things like statistics, fantasy, charts, in-depth insights, as well as articles that highlight outstanding prospect players.

8. National Baseball Hall of Fame 

If you happen to be in Cooperstown, New York, visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame is a must particularly if you’re a baseball fanatic. But if you haven’t yet visited the actual museum but have plans to do so in the future, for now you can content yourself by checking out their website. Well, it might further fuel your desire to book for a flight to New York! The National Baseball Hall of Fame is committed to preserving the successes of the teams, players, managers, umpires and the big brasses that have made the game what it is today. The National Baseball Hall of Fame is nothing but pure baseball glory.