How Long Should My Baseball Pants Be?

Besides baseball gloves and cleats, baseball pants and jerseys are two pieces of gear that you should also have prepared before you go to a baseball game to play. A lot of professional and amateur baseball teams provide jerseys and pants for their players, but there are some that don’t give these essential pieces of baseball gear, so you may have to buy them yourself.

While buying baseball jerseys is relatively easy since any size that feels comfortable for you can be worn in the game, purchasing baseball pants can be quite tricky, as you would need to find the correct fit, which means that they shouldn’t be too wide and too narrow for your legs. Another problem that you may face in buying baseball pants is their length, as they can sometimes be too long for the bottom part of your body. So, how do you get the correct fit for your baseball pants? And how long should it be? Let us find as we discuss the tips on choosing the most suitable baseball pants for you.

Try Fitting Different Sizes of Pants

Baseball pants come in different sizes, although these sizes are usually simplistic compared to the sizes you can choose from in other types of pants like jeans and chinos. For baseball pants, the sizes are labeled as small, medium, large, and so on, while other types of pants would be labeled by their waist measurements, like 28, 29, 30, and 31.

So, you would really need to try and fit different sizes of baseball pants to know which one is more suitable or comfortable for you, as the waist measurements of the pants are not indicated by their size if you are buying in a physical store. Thankfully, there are sometimes size guides on the brand or models of baseball pants you are planning to buy. To see these guides, you will need to check out the website of the store selling them.

But, it is more likely that you are going to check out baseball pants that don’t have a sizing guide, so you should just try fitting different sizes to see which size is the best fit for your waist and for your legs. Remember that you can use a belt to tighten the waist of the baseball pants, so it’s okay if the baseball pants are a little bit wide on the waist.

Remember that Most Baseball Pants are Long

Most baseball pants that you can buy today are usually too long for your legs, and manufacturers of these pants make them long in order to accommodate more customers in terms of length. If the pants are short, tall players would often have a harder time finding a suitable pair of baseball pants for them since there is no way that they can increase the length of the pants. On the other hand, if the pants are long, shorter baseball players would just have to cut out the excess portion of the pants so that they can modify them to the correct length for their legs.

So, bear in mind that a lot of the baseball pants you will see in sporting goods stores can be too long for your legs, and it is okay, as you can modify them to the right length after buying them. But, there are also baseball pants that have the right length, so it is much better if you can find those baseball pants since you don’t have to do any more modifications, which can take time and effort.

Measure the Inseam Length of Your Legs and the Pants

 measuring tape for clothing

To know the right length of baseball pants for you, you would need to measure the inseam length for both your legs and the pants you would want to buy. To measure the inseam of your legs, you should use a measuring tape and start at the crotch and end at the inside seam of the leg, which is usually just below the ankle.

If there is no fitting room in the store you visited, you can find out if the baseball pants have the right length for your legs by bringing a measuring tape and measuring the inseam of the baseball pants. The inseam length of the pants should just be 0.5 centimeters shorter or longer than your leg’s inseam length, so the pants shouldn’t be too long or too short. Knowing the inseam length of your legs would also be beneficial if you want the baseball pants to be tailored, which we will be discussing next.

Get Your Baseball Pants Tailored

baseball pants with pinstripes

If the baseball pants you bought have the correct waist size but are a bit too long or too wide for your legs, then you should get them tailored. Tailoring is a process that is usually done to suits and formal pants, but if you have the budget, you can also tailor your jeans and your baseball pants.

By getting your baseball pants tailored, you will be sure that the pants will feel much more comfortable and less restrictive of your movements while you are on the baseball field. If the baseball pants are too wide, the tailor will be able to make the bottom section of the pants narrower so that they would fit better on your legs and won’t flop too much while you are walking or running.

However, keep in mind that tailoring can be quite pricey, especially if there are a lot of modifications to be done on your pants. But, if you are going to use the pants frequently for a baseball team or league, we recommend that you get them tailored so that the pants wouldn’t hinder your performance on the field.

These are the simplest tips we can provide you when it comes to choosing and buying the most suitable pair of pants for your baseball gear. Take note that almost all baseball pants would not fit well on your legs and waist, so you’ll most likely have to modify them in order to get the perfect fit.