Tips for Cleaning White Baseball Pants

Baseball pants are one of the essential pieces of gear that every amateur and professional baseball player should have. With baseball pants, you will be able to provide your legs with the best protection against scratches, gashes, and other types of wounds you can get while playing on the field. In addition, the baseball pants would also allow you to follow dress codes for various baseball leagues.

Most of the uniforms worn by different teams in baseball leagues are predominantly white in color. While white does look elegant or appealing on the baseball field, the color can easily show stains, which it can get whenever you are sliding, falling, and catching the ball. These stains can be quite difficult to clean on baseball pants, but fortunately, there are different ways that you can clean them with better results. Here are some tips for cleaning white baseball pants.

Clean the Baseball Pants Immediately

After the game, you should already clean the baseball pants and not wait days for them to be cleaned, or else the stains will be much harder to get rid of. When the stains are still new, they haven’t stuck too much on the fabric of the baseball pants yet, but over time, the color of the stains will get soaked into the fabric, and the stains will be more difficult to remove.

So, it would be much better if you could already clean the baseball pants once you get home from the game. If there will be another game two days after, it is recommended that you have one more pair of baseball pants that you can use while the other is still being dried.

Use a Brush to Get Rid of Stains

Before you soak the pants with warm water and soap, you should use a brush first and scrub away the stains that are not yet too stuck on the fabric of your pants. By using a brush, you can get rid of the stains that will contaminate the bucket or tub of water where you would soak the pants later. So, if you want the water to stay as clean as possible, you should already get rid of chunks of dirt, mud, and grass on the pants before you soak them.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide and Detergent on Stained Areas

 dirty baseball pants

After brushing chunks or pieces of dirt and mud on the baseball pants, you can then apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and detergent to stained areas so that they will turn white again. You can mix the hydrogen peroxide and detergent on your own, but there are products on the market that already have those two substances combined.

You can transfer the mixture to a spray bottle so that you can spray it on heavily stained areas of the pants. But, you can also use cotton balls and dab the stained areas with the mixture. It is important to remove the stains using the most effective methods before you actually do the regular washing process, as the stains just can’t be removed by simply putting the pants on a washing machine or soaking it with warm water and soap.

Soak the Baseball Pants Using Soap and Warm Water

We have already talked about this process a few times in this article, but it is still important to emphasize the importance of soaking the baseball pants using warm water and laundry soap. By soaking the baseball pants, it is sure that the stained areas will whiten over time since the laundry soap has the ability to separate stains, dirt, and mud from the fabric of clothing.

To soak the baseball pants, you would need a tub or a bucket so that the pants will be fully soaked in the water and laundry soap. Then, mix the laundry soap and warm water before soaking the baseball pants. This process takes about an hour, but to soften the stains, you would need at least three to four hours.

Use Bleach to Whiten Stained Areas

If the stains are too stubborn and can’t be cleaned using laundry soap and warm water, then you should try soaking them with a little bit of bleach. Get rid of the warm water and laundry soap mixture and pour another bucket of warm water and then mix it with a cap of bleach. Then, soak the baseball pants for about an hour or two.

After soaking it in bleach and water, you can then rinse the baseball pants with bleach-free water to get rid of the bleach, which can often damage the color of the pants if they are left for too long. Use this method only if the stains do not disappear after hours of soaking and cleaning.

Put the Baseball Pants in the Washing Machine

washing clothes using a washing machine

The next step that you should do after soaking the baseball pants is to put them in the washing machine so that they will be cleaned properly and the odor will be removed from the fabric completely. Keep in mind to only use warm water for the baseball pants on the washing machine. In addition, you should use detergent to get rid of more stains and odor effectively.

There are sports detergents that you can buy that are more effective in removing odor compared to other detergents, and these products also have the ability to retain their fragrance even after hours of playing on the baseball field. So, for baseball paints, it is not only the stains that you should get rid of but the odor as well, which can come from your body odor and the smell of the stains that stuck on the pants during the baseball game.

And those are the best tips that we can offer so that you can have a much better and easier time cleaning white baseball pants, particularly the ones that are riddled with dirt, grime, mud, and other types of stains. The tips we have provided above can also be used in cleaning baseball jerseys or the top of baseball uniforms, but if you plan to wash the jerseys and the pants together, make sure that you don’t mix them with colored clothing so that they will stay white.