Top Baseball Glove Manufacturers

When shopping for baseball gloves, one of the first things that buyers look into is the brand. When the brand looks and sounds familiar to them, they automatically assume that they make quality gloves. That might be true most of the time, but it’s always best to conduct some research before buying a high-end baseball glove. This will ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money and also save you the hassle of returning any unsuitable purchases. You can also visit to get useful tips about soccer online. 

Are you buying baseball gloves for the first time? To help you make the best purchase possible, you may want to look at this list of the top baseball glove manufacturers (in no particular order):

1. Wilson

Wilson Sporting Goods, or Wilson for short, is one of the most recognized names in the area of sporting equipment. Formerly a meatpacking company, Wilson (originally known as the Ashland Manufacturing Company) started making animal by-products. The products included baseball gloves among several others.

Wilson is known for its high-quality series of baseball gloves: the A2k, the A2000, and the A1k, the A2000 being the oldest one in the series. The A2k and the A2000 are made from Wilson’s Pro Stock leather while the A1k is made from Wilson’s top-shelf life leather.

Today, many of the most illustrious stars on baseball wear Wilson’s baseball gloves. Renowned glove designer Shigeaki Aso, aka “The Glove Guru,” has been with Wilson for more than 40 years and is the company’s Master Craftsman. One of Aso’s first creations, the A2000 1786, became one of the company’s best-selling gloves and is still in production today.

2. Rawlings

This St. Louis, Missouri-based sporting goods company is the choice of most Major League players. It revolutionized baseball glove design by introducing the world’s first baseball glove “pocket.”

In 1920, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bill Doak suggested that a web be sewn between the thumb and the first finger to create a kind of pocket or pouch. This design would eventually become the standard for baseball gloves. Doak’s invention was basically the precursor of the modern baseball glove design. In 1957, Rawlings introduced the Gold Glove award, which is now known as the Oscars of baseball gloves.

Rawlings is known for its popular glove series: the Gold Glove, the Heritage, the Heart of the Hide, the Pro Preferred and the Gold Glove Collection.

3. Mizuno

Mizuno is another popular name when it comes to baseball glove brands. This Japanese sporting goods company began in 1906 under the brother duo Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno in Osaka. The organization has prided itself on making high-quality sporting equipment for many decades.

Their passion and commitment to quality show in their gloves, which are some of the highest-performing and most comfortable baseball gloves in the world. Their US headquarters is now based in Norcross, Georgia.

The Mizuno MT880 outfielder’s glove is one of the best offerings from this company. It’s meant mainly for baseball, but can be used in some softball games as well. It boasts a large pocket, a comfortably soft feel, and a decent depth. The fingers of these gloves are reported to be sturdy by actual users. Theirs isn’t a lot of palm padding, though, which isn’t required in an outfielder’s glove anyway.

4. Nokona

Founded in 1926 in Nocona (yes, with a “c”), Texas, Nokona has always been a family-oriented business. It still sticks to the tradition of making baseball gloves and is one of the few baseball glove makers that can truly call itself all-American.  Texas has a long tradition in baseball with such greats as Roger Hornsby and Nolan Ryan hailing from the state.

This is because Nokona’s gloves are made with top-grain American leather, which is provided to them by local ranchers. This leather is tanned only in the USA and in accordance with the company’s high specifications and standards. All of the gloves are painstakingly handmade, so you are sure that you are getting the best quality gloves that are truly 100% American. Every part of the manufacturing process—the cutting, stamping, stitching, lacing, and embroidering—is done by hand. This is why baseball legends such a Nolan Ryan have raised the high quality of Nokona’s wares.

According to Nokona users, their gloves break in quite easily and are highly durable. They also perform well, so even pros can use these gloves without any reservations. there are several Nokona gloves to choose from according to your preferences. The Nokona series includes the Alpha Select and Pro Line gloves, as well as the Elite series.

5. Marucci

Marucci Sports, or simply Marucci, is a name that is often associated with premium quality sports equipment and apparel, which includes baseball gloves. Many seasoned MLB players such as David Ortiz, Albert Pujol, and Andrew McCutchen do not hesitate to invest in high-quality baseball gloves. It’s hence not surprising that they choose to use and/or endorse Marucci gloves.

The fact that Marucci knows its way around manufacturing premium quality gloves is not so surprising, as it was founded by two now-retired baseball players; Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence. Both of these players used to be Big Leaguers, so they have a lot of experience with high-quality baseball gloves.

Among the most popular Marucci series are Pro Founders, Adjustable, Honor the Game, BR450, and RS225, among others.

6. Under Armour

This company was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a former football player for the University of Maryland. Its main aim was perfecting all kinds of performance apparel, though its focus is now mostly concentrated on baseball gloves.

By 2018, UA was known for its baseball fielding gloves, with excellent reviews from satisfied customers. Its baseball glove offerings include the Framer, Deception, and Pro series. These were UA’s initial venture into the baseball glove market and were a success due to the stellar quality leather construction. This allowed players to break in the gloves much more quickly than most other options.   

7. All-Star

The All-Star company is another family-owned business that concentrates on detail and quality above all. The baseball gloves from this company are quite well-known, especially when it comes to their catcher’s mitts. This is also the organization that has the patents for several other baseball apparel, including wraparound shins and lightweight wire masks.

However, the gloves from All-Star stand head and shoulders above other choices due to the Japanese Maruhashi leather that’s used to manufacture them. This quality material assures players of outstanding performance for several seasons, not just one or two. Their structure and pop are excellent even when they’re brand-new.

What’s more, it doesn’t take long to break these gloves in, meaning there’s a comfy fit right off the bat. The PGP or Pro Guard Padding is yet another advantage, as it provides proper protection against any ball coming your way. If you’re looking for a decent catcher’s mitt, the All-Star Pro series is one excellent option.

8. Louisville Slugger

No list on the best manufacturers of baseball equipment would be complete without the name of Lousiville Slugger. The gloves they make are sting, comfortable, and last for a very long time. Players have been delighted with these choices for several years, with little to no need for replacements.

Among the best choices for Lousiville Slugger baseball gloves is the Omaha Pro series 11.75. They’re available at a reasonable price and give you that comfort you need when playing in any league. Another great choice is the 11.75 Flare Flex, which will break in quickly and fit most players’ hands with perfection.

9. Easton

Easton is yet another well-known name in the baseball equipment industry. It might be better known for its baseball bats, but its baseball gloves are second to none as well. The leather in their construction is very soft, so breaking it in shouldn’t be much of a problem. The price is also reasonable, so you might want to consider this brand if you’re on a budget.  

According to user reviews, the Easton 1200 baseball glove is comfortable and lightweight, while the Easton Titan 1100 youth glove has the same qualities for younger payers.

10. Akadema

Coaches and players alike are greatly satisfied with the products from this company, so it’s only logical that their baseball gloves are worth a shot. These gloves are quite suitable for several levels and leagues of baseball. If you’re looking for the best gloves in terms of price, quality, function, looks, and dependability, these are some of the top choices to consider.

While the prices of Akadema baseball gloves are relatively low, the look they provide is that of a high-end, pricey option. The leather has a tight grain, yet provides a lightweight experience. The Torino line is especially impressive, as they use Italian Kip Leather for their construction.


A proper baseball glove can be the difference between an average and stellar performance when you’re on the field. If you’re on the lookout for a decent quality glove for yourself or another baseball enthusiast, the brands above are the ones to consider. The prices might be high, but each piece is worth every penny you spend on it. Along with brand awareness, the craftsmanship and historical presence of each name are also important when you want the very best.