Most Popular Brands of Baseball Bats

Athletes everywhere aspire to play like the pros. Whether it is a young rookie who wants to play like their favorite players or a college athlete seeking to make it big by using the same gear that made others big stars, we want to know what kind of gear the pros are using. They include baseball bats.

The specifications of baseball bats should be what determines a player’s preferences. However, brands often guide purchasing decisions – for better or for worse. It may be because their favorite baseball players endorse them or simply because it’s an established brand that has transcended many generations.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular brands of baseball bats:

Louisville slugger logoLouisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger continues to enjoy its exalted status as one of the longest, most enduring, and most trusted brands of baseball bats. It traces its roots back to the 1880s when a 17-year-old youngster named John “Bud” Hillerich created the first Louisville Slugger bat.

The bats became an instant hit with the baseball players. Not long after, Hillerich began producing wood bats for some of the biggest baseball stars such as Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Joe DiMaggio. In 1916, Hillerich was joined by salesman Frank Bradsby, and together they created the company Hillerich & Bradsby that would produce Louisville Slugger bats.

Throughout the decades, more than 80% of National Hall of Fame hitters have used Louisville Slugger bats or been under contract with Louisville Slugger. Today, Louisville Slugger is the official sponsor of Major League Baseball, with around 20% of current players making it a baseball brand of their choice.


In the olden days, many sports equipment were traditionally wooden. However, Easton made a decidedly unusual move by making aluminum-based and composite sports gear like ski poles, hockey sticks, and baseball bats.

The company owner, James L. Easton, discovered aluminum’s light weight and strength, and thus turned his attention from crafting wooden bows and arrows to making aluminum baseball bats. Actually, there were aluminum baseball bats already on the market, but they were heavy, cumbersome, and poorly balanced. Easton fine-tuned the process of making his own baseball bats, solving several issues associated with the existing aluminum bats at the time. Easton’s much-improved baseball bats paved the way for modern aluminum and composite-material baseball bats and other sports gear. Its products are the main 

Marucci logo


Founded in 2004, Marucci may be “young” in the business compared to Louisville Slugger and Easton, yet it has earned its place as one of the most respected sports equipment brands. The company’s origins began at a humble garage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where two players started to craft baseball bats made from choice maple wood, resulting in Marucci No. 1, which has made a significant impact on the company’s history.

Today, Marucci’s high-quality bats are among the most used by over 40% of Major League Baseball players.

demarini logoDeMarini

DeMarini’s background is a bit divergent compared to the other baseball bat brands on this list. The company is a result of founder Ray DeMarini’s commitment to innovation. A softball player himself, DeMarini was of short stature and had to train aggressively to remain competitive against taller and larger players.

DeMarini realized that there was a big room for innovation and improvement when it came to baseball bats. Thus, he set out to develop and create high-performance baseball bats. He used the finest-quality materials and employed the latest technology, such as superior handles, end caps, and barrel designs. One of DeMarini’s iconic products is the “Doublewall” bat, the world’s first bat with a multi-wall feature that creates a springboard-like hitting surface. Since its launch, DeMarini quickly built a solid following.  

Rawlings logoRawlings

Rawlings manufactures a variety of baseball equipment, although it is perhaps best known for its fielding gloves. But in recent years its baseball bats have grown in popularity, further cementing its position as a giant in the baseball gear industry. 

Having been in the business for over 135 years, Rawlings is no doubt a veteran in the baseball equipment industry. Over the years, several baseball legends have been under contract by Rawlings or served on the company’s advisory board, such as Roberto Clemente, Yadier Molina, and Giancarlo Stantoc, among others.


Rounding off the list of the most popular brands of baseball bats is Victus. Established in 2012, it is one of the newest contenders in the baseball bat industry yet it has earned a rightful place among the most esteemed baseball bat brands.

Victus specializes in making high-quality, handcrafted wooden bats, although it has recently added metal bats to its product line. Its baseball bats sport eye-catching designs that stand out even when you see them far away from your stadium seat. It is little wonder that Victus is a popular brand especially among younger players who want to bring their unique flair to the diamond.

Despite a new player in the industry, several professional players have used or prefer to use Victus bats, including Andrew Benintendi, Carlos Correa, and Bryce Harper – in fact, 15% of the MLB players use a Victus bat. 

If you’re looking for some more recommendations before finally taking your pick from among the popular brands of baseball bats, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We review many baseball gear equipment – including bats, of course – and offer tips on how to choose the right baseball bat that will best suit your playing style.