What You Need To Get Started With Baseball

Baseball is often viewed as America’s favorite pastime and is hugely popular across all age groups, with children starting to play as young as four. The journey typically starts in the little leagues, with many towns getting excited about large events where they get to watch their children compete and have fun. Some people embrace the national sport fully and break out into the major leagues. To get started with baseball, you will need some equipment to get you going. Throughout this article, we have outlined all the gear you will need to get the ball rolling.

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Every budding star needs a uniform to complete the pro look. If you or your little one belongs to a team you will be supplied with a uniform for the team. Alternatively, you can head over to Locker Room Direct and bag yourself the essentials. The uniform will include a cap to protect you from the sun, a top, and pants.

Baseball Cleats

You can hardly run around the field in your socks, so here come baseball cleats to the rescue. Cleats is the word used to describe the spikes on the bottom. These are made from metal, plastic, or rubber and are used to grip the floor and stop you from faceplanting the field. You can see how they compare with other types of footwear here.

Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are essential for catching the ball. There are styles out there to suit everyone, with different materials, colors, and sizes. Before you invest in a baseball glove, ensure that it fits and make sure you know which style you need. Your position on the field will determine the style of glove you need. Wearing a baseball glove that isn’t fitted properly can lead to injury.

Baseball Bat

You’ll have a hard time hitting home runs without a baseball bat. There are two materials used for baseball bats: wooden and metal. Wooden bats are used to hit real baseballs with leather wrapping. Metal bats are used for hitting rubber baseballs that are often used by junior players.

Batting Helmet

The last thing you want is to get launched in the head by a baseball. This gear is essential and comes made from plastic with the necessary padding on the inside for maximum comfort.


You can’t really play baseball without a ball, and all of the greats have their own ball, so you’ll need your own. As stated earlier, if you’re buying for the little league, you will need a rubber ball. For high school and beyond, you need to purchase a ball with leather wrapping.

Of course, you would need a gym bag that enables you to bring the items we mentioned with you during practice or games. To know which bags are perfect for baseball, you can read our Guide to Selecting a Baseball Equipment Bag.

Playing baseball is an excellent sport to get into with a fantastic community spirit across America. Making sure you or your little one has the right gear is important. There are plenty of styles to choose from so be sure to take the time to research each one. Once you’ve kitted up, all that’s left to do is hit the field and reach for the stars.