How To Fly with Baseball Equipment

You might be planning to visit your grandparents in the summers or you might want to move to another state for your baseball training. You might be thinking that how you will be carrying your baseball equipment on the plane. Suppose you arrive at the airport and you are holding a baseball bat in your hand. The security will push you to the ground because it is a security concern.

This is the reason that you are not allowed to take baseball bats and other equipment as a carry-on because they are potentially dangerous. To avoid it, you must check the permitted in carry-on bags list and permitted in checked baggage only. 

Permitted Equipment in Carry-On Bags 


Before you pack your bag with your baseball equipment, make sure that you have read the permitted equipment in carry-on bags. Otherwise, you will face strict security problems and your vacation will be ruined.

The permitted baseball equipment in carry-on bags is as follows:

  • Baseball Balls 
  • Baseball Cleats 
  • Sports Ball Pumps and Needles 
  • Baseball Helmets
  • Baseball Gloves

If you are carrying anything that is not allowed in cabins, you will be in big trouble. 

Permitted Equipment in Checked Baggage Only 

Some airlines allow you to take helmets as carry-on luggage but you should not be risking it. In some cases, you might lose one of your equipment if you are carrying it in the cabin. The permitted equipment in check baggage is as follows:

  • Baseball Bats
  • Novelty Baseball Bats 
  • Baseball Helmets 
  • Baseball Gloves
  • Baseball Balls 

Some of the equipment is allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage. Make sure that you are not mixing the equipment in the two types of luggage to avoid any disruption. 

How To Fly with Baseball Equipment

Flying with sports equipment such as baseball equipment can be daunting. Firstly, you will face the obvious hurdle of packing the equipment. Then you have to choose the airline that allows you to carry baseball equipment in carry-on or checked baggage. It is because every airline is having its rules and regulations as a safety check of sports equipment. 

You need a perfect baseball equipment bag to carry it while flying to places. You will find a lot of varieties in a baseball equipment bag. Buying the right baseball equipment bag will ensure safety, lifestyle, affordability, etc. 

1. Price 


The price of the bag indicates that is it affordable or not. The more the price the more the features will be. You can buy a low-price baseball equipment bag to meet all your safety needs. 

Features To Consider

One of the important features you should be looking for in a baseball equipment bag is that it is having a reinforced rubber bottom and sides with a double layer. It ensures that your equipment is protected from hits or banging, even if you sit on it. 

2. Material 

The bag you would be looking to fly with baseball equipment should be having a soft and scratch-resistant inner layer. Also, you should be looking for water-resistant fabrics with thick polyester for the outer layer. The inner layer should be soft mesh or fabric. 

3. Size 

The size of the bag depends on your position in a baseball game. It is because every position is having different numbers of the required gear and protective gear. The more the gear, the larger size of the bag would be preferred by you. 

4. Storage or Pockets 

Organizing your gear in the bag is a necessary thing to do. It makes it efficient and easier for you to reach them at once. The sectioned pockets and zippered pockets allow easy access and more storage. 

5. Design 


The layout, design, graphics, color depending on your preference. People tend to buy the baseball equipment bag that matches the color of their equipment. On the other hand, some tend to buy a fancy equipment bag that attracts people. 

6. Style 


There are various styles of equipment bags that come in different sizes and shapes. Some are like traditional backpacks, golf bags, wheeled bags, etc. You can buy a bag that matches your requirements and store gear in one place.



Bat Bag

Both Carry-On and Checked Baggage


Both Carry-On and Checked Baggage

Wheeled Bag

Checked Baggage


Both Carry-On and Checked Baggage

Type Of Bags

The different types of baseball equipment bags ensure easier and safe traveling. Each bag comes with a different storage capacity. 

Bat Bag

The traditional bat bag for baseball is similar to the basic gym or duffel bag. It is a simple bag with a short handle that you can carry on your side with a firm grip. To accommodate the baseball bats, they come in a long size and thin shape. 

Often, they are simple and streamlined with or without multiple pockets. This type of bag is having a downside that you can carry it only in one method. Overall, it is a solid choice.


The baseball handbag is having several compartments that make it easy to carry your gear. Also, it comes with classic canvas-style handles. Baseball tote bags are paired with shoulder straps for additional carrying options. It is a classic choice that makes it easy for transporting your gear while flying to different states. 


Why carry a bag when you can drag it on wheels. If you have loved wheel bags for a long time, you will love this option because you can just drag them with you everywhere. Also, if you play a position in baseball that requires all basic equipment with protective gear, you can use the wheeled bag. It can occupy extra equipment and weight. 

You will find a tank or inline styles according to your preferences. Most trolley or wheeled bags are having metal guides on the bottom. It supports structure and wheel plates to prevent any breakage or tear. These bags come with additional compartments and pockets for extra protective gear.

Bat Pack and Backpack

If you have nothing to handle on and off the field, the bat pack or backpack would be the best option for you. They are designed like traditional school bags with bat mesh sides. To your surprise, they are comfortable and you can carry all the required goods. Also, you will be able to protect them from stubborn baseball bats and flying balls.




Best Baseball Bags to Fly With

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag

Specialized bat for baseball equipment that is designed to carry 3 bats at a time. You can carry it while flying to another state or country. It will be checked baggage for you while traveling. Also, it can carry a baseball ball or softball equipment in it. the special and separate ventilated compartment helps you to carry cleats. Used cleats can be smelly because of sweat. The ventilated compartment limits the mess and odor. 

The shoulder straps and handle are for an easy and firm grip. For easy carrying and portability, you can use shoulder straps. When you go for practice, you can use a fence hook to hang it on the fence. The fence hook comes on the top of the bag for easy access in the dugout. 

Key Features

  • Compartment For Gear 
  • Separate Bat Pockets 
  • Handle and Shoulder Strap
  • Hook 

Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag

To fly with baseball equipment is an ideal bag for baseball teams and players. This covert duffle bag is perfect for carrying an equipment bag for practices and airlines. The maximum storage capacity can store the baseball equipment in two bat sleeves, mesh valuable pocket, large interior pocket, breathable shoe compartment. 

You can store two baseball bats in the sleeves, gloves, helmet, elbow guard, etc. in the large interior pocket. Along with this, you can put your baseball cleats in the breathable shoe compartment. Your basic baseball equipment and protective gear will be safe from moisture because the bag comes with moisture protection. The bottom is of durable vinyl and the main body of the bag is of 600D polyester.

The customizable duffel bag comes with a name card holder and number decal. Also, the top panel is removable that you can send for personalization. 

Key Features

  • More Storage 
  • Moisture Protection
  • 600D Polyester 
  • Over-The-Shoulder Straps 

EASTON E110BP Baseball Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

All-in-one baseball bag is designed for comfort and storage with high-quality material. Also, it is an official sponsor of the Little League World Series. For equipment and protective gear, it comes with a main compartment that is having enough space for the catcher’s mitts, helmet, batting gloves, etc. Along with this, it is having two baseball bat sleeves on the sides of the bag. You can fly with your two favorite baseball bats. 

Talking about the comfort and quality, it comes with padded straps and a bag. When the bag is full of equipment and protective gear, the padded back and straps make it comfortable for you to carry it anywhere. Also, it comes with a fence hook for dugout functionality. The vented shoe compartment is breathable and makes it mess and odor-free for baseball cleats. 

Key Features

  • Rubberized Pullers
  • Sport Utility Configuration 
  • Fence Hook
  • Smart Gear Storage
  • Dugout Functionality
  • Padded Straps and Back

Boombah Catcher’s Superpack Bat Bag Camo

A camouflage backpack version comes for catcher’s gear. You can fly with catcher’s gear with this high-quality and utility-featured backpack. The high-duty zippers and pullers make it easy to carry the catcher’s gear. You can carry 2 catcher’s shin guards in shin guard sleeves. The two side bat compartments in this backpack can hold up to 4 bats at a time. The hook and loop attachment can carry the batting gloves.

The quality of the bag is engineering for a longer period. The adjustable and padded shoulder straps can make it easier for you to carry them anywhere. The fabric used in the making of this backpack makes it water-resistant, non-abrasive, and soft feel. Also, you can carry baseball cleats in the ventilated compartment.

Key Features

  • Rugged 1000 Danier Fabric 
  • Shin Guard Sleeves
  • Comfortable Shoulder Straps 
  • Convenient Storage

EASTON MATRIX Bat and Equipment Wheeled Bag

Easton’s Premium Matrix Wheeled Bag is built to withstand the long seasons and rough terrains. To fly with baseball equipment and protective gear, this wheeled bag comes with inline skate wheels. The hard molded base provides the stability and can stand upright. It is ideal for daily trips or flying to different states. This wheeled bag can store 5 bats in a secure and lockable bat compartment. 

Along with 5 bats, you can store 1 catcher’s helmet, 1 glove, 2 water bottles, and 1 pair of baseball cleats. The oversized and largemouth of the compartment makes it easy to access baseball equipment. To protect the valuable protective gear and equipment, it comes with felt-lined pockets. 

Key Features

  • Inline Skate Wheels 
  • YKK Zippers 
  • Reinforced Carrying Straps 
  • Molded Base
  • Felt-Lined Pockets 

EASTON TRAVELER Baseball Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

This baseball equipment bag combines the style and design of a backpack and wheeled bag. It can easily stand up on the hard molded base. The telescoping handle and wheels make it easier for you to carry it anywhere including the field. Talking about the storage, it can hold 4 bats on the side pockets. Also, the additional side pockets can carry your items. 

The vented compartment can carry baseball cleats. In the main pocket, you can put batting gloves, catcher’s mitts, baseball balls, elbow guard, shin guard, etc. The fence hook can keep your equipment organized in the dugout. 

Key Features

  • Easy Stand Up
  • Vented Compartment 
  • Extra Storage 


  Franklin Sports YouthRawlings Covert Player Duffle BagEASTON E110BPBoombah Catcher's SuperpackEASTON MATRIX
Type Bat BagDuffle BagBackpack BagBackpack BagWheeled Bag with Straps
Capacity 3 Bats, Helmet, Cleats 2 Bats, Batting Gloves and Helmet, Cleats, etc.2 Bats, Helmet, Mitts, Batting Gloves4 Bats, Batting Gloves, Shin Guards5 Bats, Catcher’s Set, Cleats, 1 Glove, 2 Water Bottles
Material Vinyl Bottom, 600D Polyester Nylon Material, Sport Utility 2.0 Rubberized Zipper PullsMesh Sleeves, Rugged 1000 Denier Fabric YKK Zippers, Felt-Lined Pockets, Hard Mold Base
Type Wheeled Bag Without Straps
Capacity 4 Bats, Cleats, Gloves, Elbow Guard, Shin Guard


Flying with Baseball Equipment – Bags for Carry-On and Checked Baggage

Instead of carrying your baseball equipment in your normal bag, you can look for baseball equipment bags. You can easily fly with your baseball equipment and protective gear depending on the rule and regulations of different airlines. A backpack without a baseball bat can be carried into the cabin if it is not having potentially dangerous items. A wheeled bag will go into the checked baggage. Now you cannot be carrying two bags for the baseball equipment, so choose wisely!