Why are baseball gloves so much expensive?

Most of the things that we see and use in our daily life are not seems to be much expensive, but they are. One tire of rolls Royce cost you about ninety thousand, and now I have your attention, so I ask from you. Do you know how much one pair of baseball gloves cost? If you don’t know, I will tell you, but before we get into it, the price varies with the material that uses in it. The most expensive gloves are made by Bill Dock, and it cost you about $400.The main difference in prices for baseball gloves is the material the glove is made from. With some of the cheaper gloves, you’ll find that the quality of the leather is nowhere near as good as it would be in a more expensive glove. In my opinion, there is a massive difference between say a $40 glove and a $150 glove, but not as much difference between a $150 glove and one that is the absolute top of the range.  Like just about any hobby, it takes an investment to participate.

Quality control begins when the skins arrive at the factory, where they are color-coded and tested in a power laboratory. Even after the protection is approved by the manufacturer, only part of it will be used; Rawlings use about 30 percent of the cover, of which they can make three or four gloves.

Because making gloves requires personal attention at every step, there is little need for a fully-fledged door-keeping, quality control manager. Each craftsman who participates in the process acts as the person who controls his or her quality, and when a feature appears on the scene, the glove worker is expected to see that the glove is removed from production.

The biggest difference in the prices of best baseball gloves is the material they are made of. With one of the cheapest gloves, you will find that the quality of the leather is nowhere near as it can be an expensive glove.

There are many factors that make baseball gloves look good and much depends on the position you play.

Real leather is the first choice for experienced players, and for a good reason. Once broken in, the skin becomes smoother and healthier, which helps to feel it. The firmness of the skin means that it provides protection and longevity that synthetic materials can match. If properly cared for, a softball leather glove will last several seasons and get better. The type and quality of leather used in a softball glove is a major determinant in its prices.

Some of the brightest materials in soft gloves include kangaroo feathers and yak. Kangaroo skin has the advantage of being thin and firm. Its tendency to stretch makes for a quick break, but it can also shorten its useful life. Yak skin is also thinner and firmer because it keeps the skin fibers that have lost some feathers from forming. Both of these building materials last much longer, but also tend to be smarter than conventional leather options.

Most expensive gloves;

Rawlings primo:

The Rawlings Primo is made of two layers of Italian leather with strategically placed breakpoints to maximize movement capabilities. The glove is designed to absorb ball impact and allow you to close your hand naturally at the moment of impact. The full-grain leather and calf lining allow for a smooth look and comfortable feel while the treatment the leather and lacing undergo ensures durability.

Mizuno USA:

This is another baseball manufacturing company whose most expensive glove has a price tag of 600 $. Pre-oiled leather, 11.5-inch pattern, quality craftsmanship – check, check, and check. Mizuno has been in the glove-making business for over 60 years, and their Classic Pro Soft Series is one of their most popular gloves to date. This model is crafted with what they call their throwback leather, which is a precooled and rugged leather that not only breaks in quickly but holds its form where it counts over time. Their roll welting technique helps with flexibility in the fingers of the glove. Owners of the glove do say it starts out pretty stiff, so plan to spend a little time breaking it in to get it game ready.

Wilson baseball glove:

he Wilson A2K Matt Chapman Game Model 11.75 Inch Baseball Glove is crafted with Pro Stock Select leather, known for its durability and great feel.

Rolled dual welting and double palm construction helps the glove maintain its shape and provides a more stable pocket.

Additional shaping by glove craftsmen helps reduce break-in time so you can start defending your infield position like the Oakland A’s third-baseman right away. They have a variety of other different gloves. Their most expensive glove is 359$.

Collectors collection gloves:

These gloves are the most expensive gloves and have a price tag of thousands of dollars in the auction. Even they are not in good condition. They are expensive because they were used by different famous players and have their signatures on it. A replica of Lou Gehrig’s glove by Akadema. The Primo is a far cry from the most expensive baseball glove ever sold, however, which was purchased several years ago at a Sotheby’s auction. That glove, the last one worn by the legendary Iron Horse Lou Gehrig, was sold to Penny Marshall for over $387,000.