Why join a virtual race?

A lot of people are hearing about virtual races now, more than ever before during the pandemic. But it might still feel like an odd idea and you might still not be convinced that a virtual running club and virtual races are something you want to be a part of. So here is a look at why it makes sense to join them!

Ten reasons to join a virtual race or two!

  1. You can run anytime you want – with a physical race, you have to commit to the time and the place the run is happening. With a virtual race, there is no need to try and juggle your schedule, you can run it whenever you feel like doing it, at the time that best suits you.
  2. Take the path you want to take – a physical race has a set out course you must follow, but if you do it virtually you can set your own course, and veer off if something looks interesting, a challenge, or too much of a challenge! Avoid the local hills and take the route you want to take.
  3. Pick the distance you like to run – in a virtual race just as with a physical race you choose the distance you want to run. Not ready for long distances? Stick to 5ks. Want to get up your endurance and stamina, how about a half marathon?
  4. Not actually a fan of running – You can walk them, hike them, cycle them, swim then, jog them.
  5. A lot less judgement – With an online running club virtual race you are not going to face people judging your posture, your pace, your shape, your fitness level. You get to focus on yourself without worrying whether someone is irritated at having to move around you.
  6. Save yourself money – joining virtual races is a lot less expensive than a physical race. The latter have registration fees, then you need the shirt with your number, you have to pay for the petrol to get there, for parking, maybe even a hotel if it is not close to home. With a virtual race, there is more flexibility in the costs, and the costs are lower.
  7. Get the family involved – with a virtual race you can have your family out running with you, push the stroller, get your kids excited about being a part of something you enjoy doing.
  8. Start the day at the time you want to – there is no need to get up at a crazy early time to fit in your race for the day. Get up at a reasonable time and avoid feeling tired for the race itself.
  9. Run with your virtual friends wherever they are – virtual races are a great way to join a group of people you are friendly with, in a virtual running club or online, and run together.
  10. No time limits to completing the race – with a physical race there is only so long they can keep the course open, but with a virtual, there is no limit to how long you can take to complete the race. If you need to stop to recover a little, split it into a two-parter or whatever your reason for slowing down, you can.


So there are ten very good reasons to check out an online running club and see what virtual races are all about! Even if you do not choose to join a club you can find virtual races in other places too like social media.