Using a gebioMized Stride Saddle

A lot of athletes enjoy the saddles from gebioMized so much that they were very keen to see what they offered for triathletes. The resulting saddle developed is the gebioMized Stride saddle. Great for time trial riders and triathletes it suits long races and the long training time spent preparing for them. Other saddles had a shifting that some do not enjoy. Where they have to move back from sliding forwards. Stride though minimises the shifting issue and is specially shaped so that the same bike can offer two different riding positions. Perfect for long-distance athletes. Key to your comfort when cycling in a triathlon is that you have a great saddle and you have a proper bike fitting.

Choosing the best version for you

There are different versions of the Stride saddle so take some time becoming familiar with them so you get the best for you. Are you more comfortable with the neutral or softer version (designated N and S)? How does it need adjusting for comfort and speed? Having a good bike fitting is key to getting the best gebioMized Stride saddle for your needs. Features of the saddle that people like;

  • Comfort is improved with a larger contact surface
  • Better aerodynamics
  • Lots of legroom
  • The narrow shape in the middle allows the rider’s pelvis to rotate
  • Reduced saddle shifting

The importance of a bike fit

The saddle on your bike is important, and so is getting the right bike for your needs. That is why when you are shopping for one, whether in person or online, it is important to make sure you fit the bike well. At stores, there are usually bike fitters that can help make sure you choose the best fit so that you are comfortable when you ride and are not having a lot of aches and pains. They make sure the bike is the right height for you, that it suits your riding style and so on. An online bike fit is possible too, there are several very good companies that offer expert bike fitting this way.

Basic considerations on how to fit your bike

There is actually quite a lot to the science of bike fitting which is why it is better to get an expert online bike fit rather than trying to do it yourself. But here are some of the basic considerations made during the process;

  1. Make sure the bike fitting considers how you ride now, not what you might be working to for the future. There is no point in setting your bike up to a future version of you, and then have to suffer with a bike that does not fit well in the meantime. As you develop and improve your skill, endurance, flexibility and strength you can have another bike fit at a later time.
  2. Check you have the right size of frame. If you get that wrong from the start, no bike fit can fix the discomfort this causes, no matter how good your fitters are.
  3. Some of the adjustments are easy using the bike’s own components, the seat angle, the seat height, it’s front and back position.
  4. Look at components that can be swapped and upgraded for better riding like changing the stem means you can move your handlebars.
  5. Consider the cleats on your shoes! If you have them too far forwards or backwards on your bike shoes, it impacts the position of your feet on the pedals. You might experience numbness, discomfort in your Achilles, knee pain and so on.