5 Things to Look for When Buying a Jet Ski

There are plenty of ways to spend a free day or at least several hours we can grab from our busy schedule. But if you close enough to a body of water and the weather is pleasant enough, taking a jet ski for a ride is probably the best one. Now we are not going to try to persuade you to get a jet ski. If someone is already reading this, it is already likely they are aware of how amazing jet ski is. So if you are ready to embark on this adventure and live life to the fullest, simply check out JetSkiDrive. There you can find the broadest range of jet-skis that will bring that fantasy of yours into reality. But before that, everyone should be aware of what you should look for when buying a jet ski, and that is why we will tell you five things to keep in mind.

1. The body of water

Some people think that this doesn’t matter and water is water. But we should always take into consideration if we are going to use our jet ski in lakes and rivers, or oceans and seas. Sure, corroding is something that we can’t avoid, no matter the water type, but saltwater is definitely speeding up this process. So that is why you should consider purchasing a closed-loop cooling system for seas. While they still use water around them to cool the engine, the salt is never in immediate contact with the engine. The other type is an open-loop cooling system, and here the water is enabled to go through the engine. Perhaps a superior way to cool our engines, but we should avoid using it with saltwater. All of that is a good precaution, but never forget that we need to clean our jet skis. That is the only way to keep using them for a long time.

2. Testing it

The same rules we use when buying a car are valid here as well. We always take out the car for a test run, so we should do the same with jets. Now proving that it’s actually working as it should is one reason, but seeing it is a perfect match for us is even more crucial. Sometimes they seem great when we look at them but are not comfortable enough while we ride them. So making sure that this is a good fit is vital. But at the same time, pay close attention to how this machine is behaving. Something like, are some warning lights activated? Or maybe are all the gauges functioning as they should. The jet ski should be able to sustain RPMs at full throttle. What that number is, depends on the model in question.

3. Should you buy a new one

Like with cars, we are presented with a choice between buying a brand new jet ski or a used one. Naturally, getting a new one is more expensive, but if the price is not that important, then it is a better choice without question. The newer they are, the more recent technology in them is. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about their condition and previous maintenance. Getting a good warranty is naturally something you should do. When it comes to the used jet skis, they are less expensive but demand more caution. Researching the models past is necessary, and more extensive testing will be due. Getting an opinion from a professional mechanic would be wise. So when should you go with this option? Perhaps it would be wise for someone new to this hobby and would like to try it out with the more affordable option. That way, you can also learn the ropes of maintaining it on a cheaper model.

4. Transportation and storage

So buying property recklessly is never a good idea, so before committing to a purchase, consider these two things as well. First, how will you transport the jet ski?  Now for some, this is not a problem at all. But most of us need a safe way to get our belongings where we need them. The best way is always to ask the seller can they help us out. Especially if we are buying from a licensed dealer, they should be able to organize everything. Secondly, where will we store our jet ski. That is another vital concern we should consider. Do you have an adequate garage or some storage unit? Can you get it from there to water? Thinking about these things and how much it will cost to store them somewhere is always necessary.

5. Brands and accessories

Last but not least, you need to consider the brands and accessories. Is Yamaha the only company that has models that interest you? Or you any company will do as long as the models are good. Doing some homework is essential here. Think and read about brands and their models. That way, you will know what to pay special attention to. The price is maybe one of the key factors, but capacity, strength, and velocity are also important. Next, you need to consider the accessories and what is needed. Obviously, life jackets are essential, so don’t even think about any other option. Covers for our jet ski might assist us when it comes to transporting it in the first place. Whatever can be made waterproof, and you need it, get a waterproof option. Towing equipment is also essential, but the rest are up to how you want to use the jet ski.

As we have seen, there are several things to consider carefully before committing ourselves to this exquisite hobby. Some of them will require additional research, and most of them demand to think about your actions. But in the end, all of them will guarantee us a ton of fun and adventure. So if that is something that looks like an experience you would like to have, definitely take purchasing a jet ski into consideration.