Things To Consider When Choosing Catchers Bag

The baseball catcher needs several pieces of equipment for protection and efficient playability. Lugging the gear can be a tasking endeavor, especially if you don’t have a proper container. Thus, selecting the right catcher’s bag is crucial to prevent unnecessary stress and strain for the player.  

The Importance of a Good Catcher’s Bag

Catchers need to bring several items for training and official matches. Some of the things you need to carry are catcher’s masks, chest protectors, shin guards, and mitts. 

Bringing all the equipment in hand is going to be challenging. Hence, it would help if you always considered buying an excellent catchers bags to help you transport all your gear conveniently and efficiently. 

You can’t pick any bag you see, as you need to find an ideal container for your baseball gear. So here are five things to consider while you’re shopping for a catcher’s bag. 


It would be best if you had a catcher’s bag that can fit every item in your arsenal. A container for the Little League may not have enough storage space for a Major League catcher.  

Know that baseball equipment manufacturers produce bags in different storage capacities. Choose a small-sized bag if you’re purchasing for a player wearing relatively small catcher’s gear. Conversely, consider buying a larger bag for a bigger catcher. 

Also, opt to buy a catcher’s bag with straps. The extra accessibility helps the user to transform the bag into a backpack if desired. 


After checking the storage, it’s time to consider the quality of the bag. Always invest in a quality catcher’s bag. 

Don’t consider buying inexpensive bags for the sake of saving a few bucks. Buying cheaply made containers might put your gear at risk of ripping through the fragile material. If so, you may find yourself picking up your catcher’s mitt, protective equipment, and the torn bag from the ground. 

Remember, cheap bags won’t last a long time. Instead, check the following elements when inspecting the quality of a catcher’s bag:

  • Zipper stability
  • Material insulation
  • Quality of the wheels
  • Extra storage options

Investing in a quality catcher’s bag will help you save money for the long-term. Moreover, it’ll help you save some grace, as you’ll be confident that your container can efficiently carry all your baseball gear. 


Baseball equipment tends to be heavy, and catchers’ gear are no exception. A catcher’s helmet can weigh 3 pounds, the chest protector may weigh 1.5 pounds, and a pair of leg guards can weigh around 3.5 pounds. If you put all those pieces of equipment in one bag, you’re going to carry a total of eight pounds.

Eight pounds might not seem like much, but you might have to carry the bag for long distances. You’ll feel the weight bearing down as you walk to the locker room. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the comfort levels brought by your chosen catcher’s bag. 

Ensure that the container is comfortable despite the heavy equipment in it. The container should help you be at the top of your game and not giving you unwanted stress. Bring an uncomfortable bag to the stadium, and you’ll be complaining about muscle soreness even before you reach the catcher’s plate. 

Number of Compartments

The standard catcher’s bag should have an appropriate number of compartments for every piece of equipment used by the player. Still, it’s safe to say that additional compartments are always welcomed by all catchers. 

The extra pockets allow you to bring additional items, such as smartphones, first aid kits, and towels. You may even find the extra space to store other baseball mitts or bats for the team. 


After going through the other essential features, it’s time to consider your options by looking at your spending allowance. Ensure that your chosen catcher’s bag won’t hinder you from purchasing other essential catcher’s gear. 

For instance, you won’t want to exceed your budget by investing in a high-end catcher’s bag. Hence, you’ll want to get all the required quality-equipment without compromising your need and money. 

Although quality should be the priority over any category, don’t forget you can still get a good catcher’s bag within budget.  

Summing Up

Searching for the best catcher’s bag for your specific needs requires careful attention to detail. Remember to consider essential factors like size, comfort, and the number of compartments before finalizing your decision. Also, remember to consult your budget to ensure that you’ll still have enough cash to spend on other essential catcher’s equipment.

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