How to Care For and Maintain Cleats

In playing baseball, you would need a pair of cleats so that you can play properly and safely on the field. If you use regular sports shoes like running shoes or basketball shoes on the baseball field, your feet wouldn’t really grip the soil well, and you also will have a hard time performing specific movements needed to play or win in the sport.

While baseball cleats are quite durable, you would still need to take care of them in order to increase their lifespan. Fortunately, maintaining a pair of baseball cleats is relatively easy, and there are multiple ways for you to clean them and keep them from getting damaged before, during, and after use. Here are the different ways to care for and maintain baseball cleats.

Bring a Putty Knife or Popsicle Sticks in Your Bag

Before you go to a baseball game, make sure that you put a putty knife or several popsicle sticks in your bag, as these items are the ones you will use to remove dirt, grime, and mud on your baseball cleats. On the baseball field, a pair of cleats can get dirty pretty easily, especially when it’s raining, as the soil of the field can usually turn into mud that can really still well on the spikes or outsole of your cleats.

So, to get rid of that mud and dirt, you should use popsicle sticks or a putty knife to scrape them away from the outsole of the baseball cleats. However, be careful in scraping, as you may damage the spikes or the sole of your cleats if you scrape too hard. After scraping the outsole, you can then wash it with water to get rid of the dirt and grime that is still present on the spikes and soles.

a playing wearing baseball cleats

Never Wear Your Cleats Outside the Field

One of the crucial rules when using baseball cleats is to never wear them outside the field, as the cement or concrete on the floor can damage and wear out the spikes of the cleats. Whenever you step outside of the field, it would always be best to remove your baseball cleats and just wear a pair of slides or training shoes afterward so that you won’t damage your cleats on a hard surface.

Metal cleats that have spikes made of steel can be more durable for hard surfaces, but they will be worn out over time if you constantly wear them outside the field. In addition to getting easily damaged, baseball cleats are also quite uncomfortable to wear outside a baseball game, as the spikes would just make you lose your balance since the outsole of cleats doesn’t lie flat on the floor.

Get Rid of Dirt and Mud on the Cleats Before Packing Them in Your Bag

A lot of baseball players make the common mistake of packing the cleats in their bags without cleaning them. While this is highly unsanitary, it could also cause damage to the spikes on the cleats, as the dirt and mud stuck on the spikes would just harden, and once you get home, it would be much harder to get rid of that dirt and mud.

So, before packing your cleats inside a bag, make sure that you scrape away the dirt and mud stuck on the spikes, and then wash the outsole with water to ensure that most of the unwanted things on the sole are already removed. After washing the baseball cleats, you can then dry them using an unused towel. If there is mud on the upper of the cleats, we recommend that you use a toothbrush and water to get rid of that mud. Next, after the cleats are dried, you should place them inside a plastic bag before putting them in your tote bag, duffel bag, or backpack to ensure that the remaining dirt and grime won’t transfer to your preferred bag.

Clean the Cleats Regularly

Cleaning the cleats shouldn’t just stop in using popsicle sticks and a putty knife to get rid of mud and dirt, as there are some elements on the outsole and the upper of the cleats that a simple stick wouldn’t be able to clean properly. So, we recommend that you clean the baseball cleats regularly and thoroughly at least once a week so that you can prolong their lifespan if you cannot afford to just replace the cleats after many weeks of use.

In order to clean the baseball cleats thoroughly, you must first remove the insoles and the laces, which can be cleaned separately later once you are done with the upper and the outsole of the cleats. Then, use a bowl of cool water and combine it with a few drops of hand soap or dish soap to create the cleaning solution. 

The cleaning solution can then be applied to the cleats using a toothbrush, but we suggest that you use a bigger soft-bristled brush so that you can clean a much bigger area of the cleats with each application. Once the brush is dipped in the cleaning solution, you can then gently scrub the upper of the cleats in a circular motion. After cleaning the upper of the pair of cleats, wipe off excess soap or bubbles using a towel, and then proceed to brush the outsole of the cleats using the same brush and cleaning solution.

brushes for cleaning shoes

After cleaning the upper and outsole of the cleats, you can then start cleaning the insole and laces using cool water and soap. Remember to get rid of the cleaning solution that you used to clean the upper and outsole of the cleats and make a new solution. Make sure you dry the insoles and laces with a dry towel and let them dry before putting them back on the cleats. You can then dry the cleats by stuffing them inside with newspaper, which can help in absorbing moisture. Let the cleats dry by putting them under sunlight or by using a blow dryer.

These are some of the most effective ways or processes that you can use to maintain your cleats and make them last much longer. By cleaning the cleats, they will be able to last you for months before you will eventually have to purchase a new pair. Keeping your cleats clean would also help you in performing better on the field, so always remember to clean them regularly.