Top Protective Gear for Baseball Players

Baseball is generally considered a safe sport but it involves the risk of being injured by the ball or the bat that can smack you in full swing. Protective gear is used by most players. Protective gear used in baseball cannot prevent every possible mishap but it reduces the chances of any major injury. Also, the players are confident enough to play the game with focus. 

Protective gear diverts the attention of the players from the damages done by a flying hardball or bat swing. The catcher and batter wear protective gear to protect themselves from any hazard. 

Buying Guide

Before you look for protective gear for baseball, make sure that you are looking for the right protective gear for yourself. For this purpose, you should be looking for batting gloves, helmets, elbow guards, shin guards, etc. If you are playing as a batter, you are playing in the front line and you need protective gear more than just a helmet. You will be needing the helmet, face guard, leg guard, arms or elbow guard, chest guard, etc. 

Batter Helmet 

Batter Helmet 

The helmet protects your head from injury in the game. The pitcher might throw the ball at 100 miles per hour and if it hits your head, you can have a severe head injury. To avoid it, you must be wearing a batting helmet. You should be wearing it at batting time or running at the bases. No one can predict where the ball will go. Things you should be considering while buying a helmet are:

  • The helmet should be a perfect size. It should not be smaller or larger than your head size. Otherwise, it will be causing trouble while batting.
  • If it is having an ear shield and face guard, they must be attached properly with the helmet.
  • To keep the helmet in its place, it should be having a chin strap and the helmet should be in good condition.

Catcher’s Helmet 

catcher helmet

The catcher’s helmet is important for the opponent player in the position of catching. After the batter, the pitcher targets the catcher. While playing baseball, if the batter misses the ball, the catcher catches it. Hence, a catcher can also get a head injury because of the speed of the ball. The head injuries can be severe. To avoid them, a catcher must be wearing a catcher’s helmet. 

They are also available as catcher’s masks that protect the face and both sides of the head. They are similar to the ice hockey goaltender’s helmet. 

Chest Protector

cheast protector

The chest is a highly sensitive part while playing any game. It is more prone to injuries. The ball traveling at 100 miles per hour speed can be dangerous for the chest. If it hits the chest, a life-threatening injury can take place. For baseball players, it is recommended to wear a full-length chest protector to avoid any severe injury. Things you should be considering while buying a chest protector are:

  • It should be of full length.
  • The quality of the chest protector should be good enough to reduce the impact of a high-speed ball.

Elbow Guard 

elbow gaurd

Another important part of the body that needs protection while playing baseball is the elbow. The dominant arm gets most of the noncontact injuries. The position of the batter is in a way that if there is a delay in swinging the bat, the high-speed moving ball hits the elbow. As a result, you might be having a broken elbow. 

To avoid elbow injuries, you must be wearing an elbow guard. Things you should be considering while buying an elbow guard are:

  • It should be lighter and stronger.
  • It should not be bulky.
  • The covering area should be sufficient to avoid injuries.
  • It should not hinder the movement of the player.
  • To too tight or loose.

Leg Guard 

leg protector

Legs also require protection from the injuries caused in the baseball. If a high-speed moving ball hits your legs or shin bone, your fragile leg bones would hurt the most. A broken leg bone hurts the most because all the bodyweight happens to balance on your legs

Leg guards are available in different designs, materials, and shapes. Also, some leg guards protect your whole leg including the knee. Before you buy a shin or leg guard, make sure that you are considering the following things:

  • It fits perfectly for perfect leg movement.
  • It should not hinder the movement of the leg during gameplay. 
  • It should be having a triple-knee design
  • It should be having perforated padding
  • It should be lightweight and comfortable

Protective Cups or Baseball Cups 


To keep your groin area safe while playing baseball, you should be wearing protective cups. The cups are designed in a way that they can take the impact without hurting the internal organs. All the players in the baseball game are at risks such as batter, catcher, pitcher, and infielders. Any player can face testicular injuries. 

To protect the groin area, you must be wearing a protective cup. Before you buy protective cups, make sure that you are considering the following things:

  • The size of the protective cup should be perfect to cover male or female genitals.
  • The cushioning should be soft for better protection.
  • The high-standard quality of the cup reduces the impact. 
  • It should be a wide, deep, and flat cup. 

Top Protective Gear for Baseball Players

Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet – Solid Coated

A next-generation batting helmet by Under Armour comes with a new anatomical shell design. Also, it comes with an innovative padding system. The shapes and sizes of this batting helmet fit a wide variety of heads. It maintains a comfortable fit and full protection while playing baseball. The strategic ventilation made in the helmet allows maximum cooling while playing in hot summers.

The charge foam cushioning and impact absorbing foam are used in the helmet to reduce the impact on the head. You will be getting a converged and comfortable and highly protecting helmet for batting. The anti-odor technology prevents the odor caused by sweating on your head. The most important thing about this batting helmet is that it is Sei certified and meets the standards of safety for playing baseball.

Key features

  • Sei Certified
  • Anti-Odor Technology
  • Charged Foam Liner
  • Fits All Head Sizes
  • Cheek And Ear Pads

Easton Gametime Catchers Helmet Gametime C-Helmet

A solid gloss catcher’s helmet by Easton comes with ABS plastic. ABS plastic is known to be stronger than other plastic. It is a strong and rigid plastic with a scratch-resistant and shiny surface. This catcher’s helmet is having vents for increased airflow. As a result, your head would be sweating less than the closed helmets. 

The steel cage is designed in a way to give more visibility behind the cage plate. A full-face cage protects your face from a high-speed ball coming from the pitcher. Comfortable foam inside the helmet is featured with BioDri moisture control. It is stacked with the fabric liner. The important thing in this catcher’s helmet is that it comes with an ergonomic chin cup. It gives you a better grip and improved player communication. 

Also, it comes with an extra-wide rear top strap that gives you a more secured and locked-in adjustment. Hence, the helmet does not move around your head while disturbing your focus in the game.

Key Features

  • ABS Plastic 
  • Steel Cage 
  • BioDri Moisture Control 
  • Ergonomic Chin Cup

Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Chest Protector

A high-quality chest protector for the catcher or batter. It is a comfortable, durable, and lightweight performing chest protector. It is made with a grippy surface and low rebound foam to keep you safe from high-speed moving balls. For personal customization, it comes with a nameplate on the back straps. It will help you to recognize your chest protector at once. 

The detachable wings make it versatile. The air mesh lining gives you an added layer of lightweight and comfort. 

Key Features

  • Low Rebound Foam
  • Airmesh Lining 
  • Personalized Name Plate 
  • Detachable Wings 
  • Lightweight and Comfortable

Wilson Pro Stock Chest Protector

A high-quality chest protector designed with sturdiness and durability is perfect for the catcher and other players in the baseball game. It is one of the important protective gears that should be worn by each player to avoid the severe chest injuries caused by the high-speed moving ball. It comes with a high-quality memory foam that helps you to reduce the rebound. Also, the angled pads are there to block the ball coming from the pitcher. 

This chest protector comes with extra protection for the collarbone, throat, and sternum with internal PE plates. The foam of the chest protector has been designed in a way to keep it breathable. It means that the foam used in the chest protector is perforated. Hence, if you sweat, the air will keep you cool and keep the chest protector anti-odor. 

To increase mobility, you can remove the shoulder caps. Although it is recommended to keep your upper body safe from the impact of the ball.

Key Features

  • Memory Foam
  • Internal PE Plates
  • Perforated Foam 
  • Removable Shoulder Caps
  • Angled Pads

G-Form Elite Batter’s Elbow Guard

The advanced material composition of this elbow guard ensures that the pads disperse the effect of hitting the ball. After the impact is over, the pads come to the original flexible state. This feature comes from the G-Form’s SmartFlex Technology. Also, it helps to make movements without hindrance. The lightweight of this elbow guard makes it easier for you to fit on. it will feel like a second skin.

This elbow guard comes with a breathable material such as UPF 50+ fabric. It is having mesh backs and a moisture-wicking feature. To make sure that it fits your arm perfectly, it comes with compression sleeves and silicone grippers. The SmartFlex process makes a waterproof pad. 

Key Features

  • SmartFlex Technology
  • Flexible During Play 
  • Hard On Impact 
  • Silicone Grippers
  • Breathable Material 
  • Forearm, Elbow, and Triceps Protection

G-Form Batter’s Leg Guard LH and RH Hitter

The flexible protection in this leg guard comes with flexible and soft padding. It provides extra protection to your shin, ankle, and top of the foot. The same SmartFlex technology is used in the leg guard to make it flexible when you are playing and it hardens when the ball hits the targeted area. The molecules inside the pads bind together to reduce the impact of the high-speed ball. After impact, the molecules return to their original state.

The low-profile and lightweight leg guard does not sacrifice comfort while playing baseball and enhances the protection. It fits easily on your leg and the top of your foot. Also, it does not hinder the movement because of bulk. The leg guard is easy on/off with quick-release buckles. 

Key Features

  • SmartFlex Technology
  • Lightweight 
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Adjustable Straps 

EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Leg Guards

Talking about triple-knee protection, Easton provides a leg guard that comes with improved rebound control. The main thing about this leg guard is that it covers the top of the foot, leg/shin, and knee. The memory foam makes it easier for your movement and impact. When the leg guard gets an impact from the ball, the pad hardens and when you are playing the game, it softens. 

There is a four-point webbing strap system in this leg guard that ensures a perfect fit for your leg. The reinforced knee and thigh connection gives you a more fit and secure movement while moving in and out of the squat. 

Key Features

  • Tiple-knee protection
  • Wide-set knee design
  • Memory Foam
  • Four-point Webbing Strap 

Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Pro Boxer Compression Shorts with Ultra Cup

A high-performing boxer that comes with an ultra-carbon flex cup gives you maximum protection in the genital area. Even though it fits perfectly, it does not hinder the movements. the ultra-carbon flex technology protects and transfers the shock away from the crucial protection areas. It comes with a premium 4-way stretch moisture-wicking fabric. 

To provide you a moisture-free experience while playing baseball, it comes with anti-odor moisture-wicking stretch fabric. It keeps moisture away from the skin. Hence, your skin will be dry and cool. Also, the vented mesh cup pocket allows maximum airflow. 

Key Features

  • Anti-odor
  • 4-Way Stretch Wicking Fabric
  • Micro-Knit Waistband
  • Ultra-Comfort
  • Multi-Layer Impact Protection



Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet – Solid Coated Easton Gametime Catchers Helmet Gametime C-Helmet Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Chest Protector Wilson Pro Stock Chest Protector G-Form Elite Batter’s Elbow Guard G-Form Batter’s Leg Guard LH and RH Hitter EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Leg Guards Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Pro Boxer Compression Shorts with Ultra Cup
Light Weight Yes ABS Plastic Shell Airmesh Lining Yes Yes Yes Yes Lightweight Protection
Flexible Charged Foam Liner Gloss Solid Shell Exterior  High-Quality Low Rebound Foam High-Quality Memory Foam SmartFlex SmartFlex Stacked Memory Foam Micro-Knit Waistband
Breathable  Anti-odor technology BioDri Moisture Wicking Fabric Perforated Foam Perforated Foam Moisture Wicking Mesh Foam-Eroding Perspiration Perforated Foam 4-way Moisture Wicking Fabric
Secure Fit Sei Certified  Ergonomic Chin Cup Detachable Wings Angled Pads, Internal PE Plates Cantilever Shield Design Dispersing Energy Pads Four-Point Webbing Strap Ultra-Cup Retention System


Protective Gear – Make Sure You Are Safe on Baseball Field

The protective gear for the pitcher, batter, and catcher is necessary. The ball pitched by the pitcher can be moving at 100 miles per hour. If it hits anyone, a severe injury can happen and sometimes death. Make sure that you are wearing the necessary protective gear. It will protect your head, arms and elbow, chest, legs, feet, and groin area. The best protective gear has been mentioned for your safety.