How To Choose the Best Cleats for Playing Baseball?

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and because of how popular it is, there are already millions of people that are playing baseball professionally or as a hobby. In order for people to play baseball safely and comfortably, they would need to wear a pair of baseball cleats.

Baseball cleats are not ordinary sports shoes that you use for basketball, volleyball, and running, as they have spikes or studs on their outsoles that can provide the wearers with better grip and traction on the baseball field. Because there are already hundreds of different baseball cleats to choose from, it can be quite difficult for some people to pick which pair is suitable for them. If you are one of those people, here are some tips for choosing the best cleats for playing baseball.

Know the Different Types of Baseball Cleats

There are different types of baseball cleats that you should know about in order to pick the correct pair to wear on certain baseball fields. Each type of baseball cleat has strengths and weaknesses, so it is important for you to also know about those pros and cons to see which ones are more suitable for specific situations. Here are the things you should know more about the different types of baseball cleats.

Metal Cleats

baseball cleats with metal studs or spikes

Metal cleats offer the best grip and traction for baseball players, as the heavy and dense metal studs or spikes will have an easier time digging into the soil of the baseball field. The metal outsole of these baseball cleats is also very durable, so you can expect them to last a long time, even if you constantly wear them on the baseball field.

However, the metal cleats would sometimes have too much grip and traction, and these can often cause injuries. So, they aren’t suitable for baseball players that prioritize speed, as the gripping ability of the metal cleats can just hinder their movement and may get them injured. Moreover, metal cleats are also heavy and rigid, so those can also affect the quickness of the wearer.

Plastic Cleats

baseball cleats with plastic studs

Plastic cleats have outsoles that are made from molded plastic, which is considered to be more flexible and softer than metal outsoles. Despite being flexible and soft, plastic cleats still provide ample traction and grip for the wearer.

However, they don’t provide the same level of traction as metal cleats, so plastic cleats may not be suitable for baseball players that want the best grip on the baseball field. But, if the player is looking for speed or more freedom of movement, plastic cleats are perfect for him or her because of their flexibility.

Turf Shoes

baseball shoes on a cemented floor

Turf shoes are a type of sports footwear that doesn’t have the studs or spikes that cleats have, as they are primarily used on turf fields (artificial grass) and cemented floors. Baseball cleats are used on grass, which has natural soil that the spikes or studs of the cleats can dig into. On the other hand, turf shoes are used on cemented floors and turf fields, which don’t have soil on their surface.

So, turf shoes don’t need spikes or studs, but they do have traction patterns to provide grip for the wearer. Turf shoes are rarely used in professional leagues, but they are more useful for training in facilities or gyms that don’t have grass fields or areas.

Check the Materials Used on the Cleats

baseball cleats with leather upper

Now that you learned more about the different types of cleats based on their outsoles, you should then know more about the materials used on the upper of these baseball cleats. Baseball cleats can have different materials on their upper, with some being made of genuine leather while others are made of synthetic leather. In addition, there will also be baseball cleats that are made from mesh, textiles, and other materials that are more breathable than leather.

If you want rigidity and support, you should definitely get baseball cleats that are primarily made of leather. But if you want breathability, then you may want cleats that have mesh or textile panels along with layers of leather for durability.

Determine If You Need Ankle Support

low-top baseball cleats

The next thing you should think about when buying baseball cleats is ankle support. The ankles are injury prone in baseball and other sports, so it is essential for you to provide the best protection and support for your ankles to avoid injuries. One of the best ways to get ankle support is by wearing high-top baseball cleats, which have a collar that covers the ankles.

The downside to wearing high-top baseball cleats is that they can reduce your speed on the field, as your ankles are restricted from overextending and moving too fast. Fortunately, you have the option of wearing low-top baseball cleats, but these ones don’t really provide ankle support. If you are going to wear low-top cleats, it is better if you also wear ankle braces, which are accessories that strap on your heels and the top portion of your ankles to offer ample ankle support.

Get the Correct Size

tying baseball cleats

Getting the correct size of baseball cleats could be considered more important than picking the materials on the upper and outsoles, as the comfort and support that the materials of the cleats provide wouldn’t really matter if the cleats feel too tight or too loose on your feet.

Sizing baseball cleats is relatively easy, as all you really have to do is wear different sizes of cleats and then see which ones fit the best. But if you are going to buy baseball cleats online, make sure that you measure the length of your feet first using a measuring tape, and then use those measurements to get the correct size.

Those are the tips we can offer when it comes to choosing the best and most suitable baseball cleats for you. Pick the pair that will help improve your skills rather than impede them so that you will always perform at your best on the baseball field.