How to Care For and Maintain Cleats

dirty cleats for softball and baseball

In playing baseball, you would need a pair of cleats so that you can play properly and safely on the field. If you use regular sports shoes like running shoes or basketball shoes on the baseball field, your feet wouldn’t …

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Japanese Baseball Glove Manufacturers

baseball glove and ball

It seems that Japanese-made athletic gear took the sporting world by storm, with golfers switching to Mizuno Irons clubs to volleyball players donning Mizuno sneakers. In baseball, the Japanese trend has also grown, with more players preferring to wear Mizuno …

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Where to Find Used Youth Baseball Equipment

baseball equipment

Has your child expressed their interest in baseball and wished to join a Little League team someday? As a parent who wants nothing more than your children realizing their own dreams, there’s no doubt that you want to encourage your …

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Supplies Baseball Coaches Use Most

baseball coach holding a clipboard

A coach’s role in a baseball team cannot be underestimated. Coaches do a lot more than just intently watch their players in action from the sidelines or just, well, coaching.  Coaches are responsible for training their team by analyzing their …

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Do All Baseball Pants Have Piping?

baseball pinstriped pants and piped solid pants

Piping used to have one of the most popular decorative clothing features, appearing from dresses to men’s suits. Today, piping is more commonly seen on upholstery, bags, and decorative pillows, although it is still used on clothing. When it comes …

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Baseball Glove Brand Most MLB Players Use

baseball glove with a baseball

One of the essential parts of a baseball gear is the glove. There are many types of baseball gloves, including fielder gloves, catcher’s mitts, infield gloves, outfield gloves, first base gloves, and training gloves. Apart from the type of gloves …

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