Wearing Baseball Hats Off the Field

A baseball hat or cap is a type of cap that has a rounded crown and a stiff brim that projects in front. Most of the baseball hats you will find today features a design or logo. These designs are usually a baseball team or names of companies when they are used as a marketing technique. Today, baseball hats are part of most people’s casual outfits. But before, only baseball players wore these hats.

The baseball hat, which is obvious to its name, was first introduced by a baseball team called the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860. However, it took another half-century before the concept became possible. After 1900, the baseball hat became an essential item, which is used to identify teams. Aside from that, these hats are also used to protect the eyes of the players as they pitched and hit their way around the field.

This means that the baseball hat is originally made to know what baseball teams the players belong to, and as well as to protect them when they play.

Baseball Hats as Fashion Accessories

baseball player wearing their team’s hat

In the 20th century, the popularity of television sports brought the baseball hat into the homes of many people by incorporating them into their style. All of a sudden, the interest of people in baseball hats have made it become part of their everyday outfits.

In the present time, baseball hats play a big role in the wide trend of incorporating sportswear to contemporary wardrobes. In addition to that, wearing baseball hats as a fashion accessory became more popular with the influence of hip-hop figures, such as Jay-Z and his New York Yankees cap, and as well as other artists and entertainers who wear them incognito. In fact, even big brands like Gucci are also adding upscale versions of baseball hats to their catwalk shows. These are some of the reasons why today, it’s easy to see why the baseball hat has been part of many people’s wardrobes.

Different Styles of Baseball Hats

Baseball caps and hats

Since baseball hats became part of fashion items, many different styles have also emerged. Here are some of the different styles of baseball hats that you can find today, which are worn by many people off the field.

Snapback/Strapback Baseball Hats

Snapback and strapback baseball hats have flat peak and six-panel construction and structured design. It is popularly used by Major League heavy hitters, hipsters, hip-hop artists, and more. The name of these baseball hats came from their snap and strap closures at the back. This is probably the most classic style of baseball hats.

Snapback/Strapback Baseball Hats

If you want to look more fashionable, you can also get customized baseball hats. One example is getting custom python snakeskin strapback hats. Yes, there are brands and individuals who customize baseball hats, replacing their brims and straps with python snakeskin materials to make them look more stylish. In fact, Kanye West is one of the popular celebrities who usually wear snakeskin strapback hats. One of the stores we can recommend that sells snakeskin strapback baseball hats is Scyoc. They use only 100% genuine python snakeskin in their customized hats to ensure high-quality.

Sports Baseball Hats

Baseball Cap Worn Backwards

Well, traditional baseball caps were brought into this world by a sport, but that was more than 100 years ago. Today, there’s no shortage of fabrics that are lightweight, which are made by cutting-edge manufacturing processes. And those are the sports baseball hats that you can find today.

Dad Baseball Hats

Dad Baseball Hats

Dad baseball hats or popularly known as the dad cap has been around for years. However, it is only recently when it got its name. It is named as such because it looks like something that your old man would wear. This baseball hat style is usually characterized by simple curved-peak design, unstructured body, and special details like a faded look. It is a simple style of baseball hat that is perfect for everyone.

The Trucker Baseball Hat

Trucker hat

Trucker baseball hats are the ones that have mesh panels. They are no longer very popular today, but brands like Von Dutch and celebrities like Ashton Kutcher made them famous before. But people can still sport these hats, by picking out the right one and pairing them with the right gear.

Five Panel Baseball Hat

Five-panel baseball hats were used in performance cycling, then they became an unlikely skateboarding icon in the 1990s before they became popular in the streetwear world. Many people like this style of baseball hat because it has a rounded, low-profile shape. Skate supporters like Supreme and Danish minimalists Norse Projects are some of those who immortalized five-panel baseball hats.

a black dad baseball cap

Wearing Baseball Hats Off the Field

Today, baseball caps are no longer exclusive for baseball players while playing in the field. They are now used to add style to different outfits in various events and situations. One example is during summer. When it comes to summer essentials, the baseball hat is one of the essentials for many people when going out. And aside from avoiding the sun’s harmful rays, baseball hats can also add some personality to plain shorts and a t-shirt look.

There are also some people who wear baseball caps with suits. Doing so makes their look more contemporary. In fact, it is the perfect way to wear a baseball hat without looking like an angsty teenager. All you need to do is pair a plain baseball hat with a blazer worn over a t-shirt. Then match the outfit with a pair of sneakers.

Baseball hats are also perfect to wear with streetwear outfits. Many people pair them with a hoodie or a logo t-shirt while wearing cropped jeans. There are also some who wear them underneath jacket hoods, especially during the cold season. Aside from adding style, they can also add warmth to your head when you go out.

The popularity of the baseball hat has indeed increased over the years. Almost everyone today has worn baseball caps as a fashion accessory. And many baseball fans have their collections of hats that feature their most favorite teams.