The Best Mobile Baseball Games

Baseball cards were a pioneering way for fans to stay engaged with the sport outside of game days. However, the development of smartphones and mobile apps have created many new ways for fans to enjoy their sport any time they like.

Baseball fans can do a lot with their smartphones. For example, the MLB Ballpark app gives fans extra stats while they’re at an MLB game; while the FoxBet app lets fans find money lines, spreads, totals before and during the game. There are also many helpful and interesting baseball websites that are accessible from mobile devices.

There are many baseball themed mobile games available for smartphones and tablets, allowing fans to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite baseball players and recreate the action at the ballpark. Here are some of the best.

MLB 9 Innings 20

MLB 9 Innings 20 is an officially licensed game, meaning it contains real MLB ballparks, teams and players. It has two main elements. Firstly, you collect baseball cards to build up your teams roster, and secondly, you can then play games of baseball with them. The game provides up-to-date information on 1,700 players across all 30 teams in MLB, with roster updates throughout the season.

For a mobile game, it contains impressive graphics and has been well put together. It includes commentary on a play-by-play basis, and background noise that creates the ambiance of being at the ballpark. MLB 9 Innings 20 has several game modes, including online multiplayer modes that let you take on baseball fans from all over the world.

The game is available for both iOS and Android.

Homerun Battle 2

Homerun Battle 2 is a free to play game for iOS and Android. It contains six different gameplay modes, including a training mode, a never ending mode, and a 1-on-1 multiplayer game.

Its mechanics are relatively simple and graphics are more arcade-like than MLB 9 Innings 20. However, you can customise your characters to add a bit more personality to your game.

The single player modes will keep you occupied for hours, but multiplayer gives you endless possibilities.

Home Run High

While the other two games put you out on the field, bat in hand; Home Run High makes you the manager. You build your team, earning upgrades for players, and then the game takes charge of the gameplay as it simulates the batting and pitching.

Home Run High is also available for both iOS and Android, but unlike the other games is not free to play. It costs around $4.99 depending on your location, but has an excellent rating in both the Play Store and the App Store.

You can improve your team’s environment by giving them enhanced facilities like new batting cages and showers. You can then improve their skills by giving them practice drills and assigning an area to focus on.

The graphics look like they’re from a mid 2000s browser game, but the attention to detail in the gameplay and features more than make up for it.

RBI Baseball 19

While there are other licensed games, RBI Baseball 19 is the game officially produced by MLB itself. The 2020 edition will be released in March, so you may want to wait until then as it will contain updated rosters for this season.

RBI Baseball tries to be the most accurate simulator available to baseball fans, and this latest version contains improvements to the game’s physics, animations, and player models to try to deliver the most realistic experience yet.

Add to this weekly updates to the player rosters right the way through the season, making changes to in game player statistics in accordance with their real life playing performance, and music from artists like OneRepublic, and it’s fair to say that RBI Baseball 19 is one of the best baseball games on mobile.

RBI Baseball 19 is available for both iOS and Android, and brings the majority of the experience of the console versions to your smartphone. So you can now enjoy some of the best baseball video game action from anywhere in the world.  If you want a break from baseball you can also check out for a great option.