Zepp vs blast baseball swing analyzer

Analyzing your swing is the best way to learn about the areas you should concentrate more. When it comes to analyzing your baseball swing, the list of the best swing analyzer always comes down to two products.

Zepp and blast are the two most popular swing analyzers found on the market that can track your swing through 3D visualization and provide you with the appropriate data to make adjustments to those important areas to be the better version of yourself every single day.

But is it Zepp or Blast swing analyzer that you should purchase?

Let us find out-

Zepp vs blast baseball swing analyzer

If you scan through the whole article, you will surely get more information. At the same time, it might also be true that your time is more important than scanning through this whole article. For your better convenience, here is the whole summary in a nutshell. Checking this table only should give you some hints regarding the content you will find throughout the whole article-

Category Zepp Blast
Sensor attachment bat Bat
Sensor shape Round shaped square-shaped sensor
Measurement 3D analyses Visualization
Features Sophisticated features Simple features
User interface Complex Easier
Suitable for Coaches and adults Beginner and kids
Price Around $150 bucks Around $150 bucks

Both sensors need to attach to the bat

Well, let us begin with some similarities first. It is indeed true that both swing analyzers will introduce you to different kinds of functionalities, but the attachment placement will remain the same for both sensors.

To track down your swing, you will need to attach these sensors to your baseball bat.

Zepp sensor is round-shaped, whereas Blast swing analyzer comes with a square-shaped sensor

The pattern of both sensors is also different from one another. Zepp provides a round-shaped sensor you need to mount to your baseball bat. On the other hand, the blast swing analyzer will provide an almost square-shaped sensor.

We are mentioning the shape of the sensor here because the shape somehow dictates how strong the sensor will remain attached to the bat.

In that case, Zepp’s round-shaped sensor tends to ensure more attachment to the bat compared to Blast’s swing analyzer sensor.

Blast uses Visualization and Zepp has 3D analyses with more metrics 

How efficiently these devices can measure different properties of your swing is the most important aspect that matters most at the end of the day.

When such is the case, Zepp’s 3D analyses seem to bring the most convenient experience possible. Zepp provides a 3D analysis of your swing at every possible angle. This analyzing section from Zepp includes club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length, and more.

On the other hand, you will be able to visualize your exit velocity, launch angle, and estimated ball flight distance through the intelligent IQ sensor used on the blast swing analyzer.

Blast swing analyzer is more simplistic, whereas Zepp swing analyzer is more sophisticated with numerous features

If simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, the Blast swing analyzer should be a good choice for you.

The automatic assessing methodology of the blast swing analyzer will indicate those important areas that you need to develop with simple green, yellow, or red visual indicators. Therefore, working on your capabilities will be much easier.

On the other hand, the Zepp swing analyzer tends to be a little more complex compared to the blast swing analyzer. But Zepp is more effective when it is about working on your faults.

Zepp will provide you with a 3D image and indicate every possible area of improvement. At the same time, the Zepp swing analyzer will provide more metrics compared to Blast. Therefore, if you are an adult and constantly want to improve your swing, the Zepp analyzer may provide you with the best experience.

The user interface of Blast is more user-friendly

Not everyone understands a complex user interface while evaluating their progress. Some prefer having a simple but effective user interface to easily get into the important areas. When such is the case, the Blast swing analyzer should be the ideal choice to make you comfortable with the user interface. With the simplest user interface design, nobody should feel even a little pressure to understand what is going on the screen.

On the other hand, the user interface of the Zepp swing analyzer tends to be a little more complex compared to blast but should be okay for most users.

Zepp swing analyzer is for the coaches or adults, whereas a blast swing analyzer will work better for the kids

We do not have any intention to underestimate the blast swing analyzer. This product is comparatively better than most other available swing analyzers on the market. But when it comes to choosing it for the specific audience, blast seems to be bringing more wholesome features for the kids. Besides, Blast’s simplistic feature always helps a kid to understand every happening on the screen.

On the other hand, a coach or a grown-up adult requires more information to help their students grow better constantly. That is when the Zepp swing analyzer tends to bring forth a convenient experience on most occasions.

Both swing analyzers are available for the price of around $150 dollars

When it comes to choosing a particular product, we know the price is more than important. Well, you will hardly find any differences between the price of a Zepp swing analyzer and a blast swing analyzer.

Both sensors are available for the price of around $150 dollars unless you are purchasing them from a third-party seller.

Which one should you choose?

All the factors we have discussed so far should bring you to this important section where you need to decide which baseball swing analyzer will bring the most convenient experience for developing your baseball swing. Well, these are the two important factors to take into considerations-

  • Your expertise level
  • Your age

If you feel like you have good expertise but need to push yourself a little bit further with precise information and accurate data the Zepp swing analyzer should bring forth the most relevant experience for you. On the contrary, you may prefer going with the blast analyzer if you are a beginner.

Your age is another essential aspect that is worth considering while choosing between these two analyzers. If you are an adult, consider going with the Zepp. Choose blast if it is for a kid.

Final summary

Zepp analyzer is a plus point for getting important tips and drills from the pros as well. On the contrary, the easier user interface with some of the most accurate but simple features of the blast analyzer will always allow you to constantly improve yourself. Now it is your time to make the final decision.