Baseball Facts Every Bettor Should Know

Do you bet on baseball? Well, if you do, you need to know these fast facts. They’ll help you maximize your winnings. Here is some essential MLB Betting knowledge.

Against-the-Spread Bets are Good Money-Makers

Betting against the point spread can often be a crapshoot. In higher-scoring sports, like football and basketball, that is nothing if not unequivocally true.

It is a little bit different when wagering on baseball.

Single-game spreads are borderline uniform. The default line for sportsbooks is so often +/- 1.5. That gives you a little bit of a leg up in making predictions.

Furthermore, unlike with most other sports, there are stronger correlations between good teams and spread covers. According to, The top five or seven teams in MLB are no stranger to covering the spread between 60 and 65 percent of the time. That’s a massive number, and a trend to keep in mind as you place your bets.

Bet the Over in All-Star Games

Baseball over/under bets are among the toughest in the industry to peg. Even the least talented offensive teams get hot. Conversely, even the top scoring teams can be stifled by first-rate pitchers or random cold streaks.

Officially, it makes the most sense to avoid MLB over/under wagers in a single game. Spreads and moneyline bets are more valuable. But that changes when looking at MLB’s All-Star Game.

World Series home-field advantage is no longer on the line during this exhibition, so pitchers have less of an incentive to bring their best stuff. Why risk injury an injury while throwing at full bore in a game that doesn’t matter?

This laissez faire approach opens the door for higher-scoring matchups, to the point where oddsmakers have sometimes misvalued the over/under marks. This isn’t necessarily a surefire hack, but it’s a good once-a-year strategy to keep in mind.

Parlay It Up!

If you’re going to bet money-lines in baseball, you should consider parlaying multiple outcomes.

Yes, you’ll lose if even one wager is off, but you have the potential to make so much more on investments that you deem sure things.

Parlaying spreads is fine, too. But they make more sense when you’re betting on underdogs.

Bet Win Totals 

Win-total bets are exceedingly popular in advance of every MLB season. Consider making them a staple in your arsenal.

Nothing is ever certain, but we’ve found great return value in identifying market inefficiencies. Usually, these are non-contending teams with extremely low win-total projections.

Find a squad that’s projected to miss the playoffs by a monster margin, and then hammer their over.  And if you are looking for a little something else to spend your time on check out as well.