What Should be in a First Aid Kit for Youth Baseball?

The first aid kit is very important to have in many situations, including sports and outdoor activities. The importance of first aid kits is mainly attributed to their benefits, with one being to provide immediate remedy for wounds and minor injuries. 

For youth baseball, first aid kits are a must-have for teams and for the parents of the players participating in the games. However, most people tend to forget to bring first aid kits with them, as they would often have the notion that nobody can get hurt in a game played by kids. However, sports-related injuries are fairly common among children and teenagers, so it is a necessity to get at least one first aid kit for each team.

If you want to bring a first aid kit for your child or for the team, you would need to fill it with essential items that can help in treating wounds or muscle pain. Here are the items that should be in a first aid kit for youth baseball.

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The first and most common item to have in first aid kits is a set of bandages with different shapes and sizes to cover up various wounds. Baseball players usually get cuts and scrapes all the time, and to prevent those wounds from worsening, you will need to cover them up with bandages. Larger wounds, specifically those found in the knees and elbows and are caused by base slides, would need larger bandages that are often referred to as “patches.”

Sting Relief Pads

The field can often have insects flying and moving around, and these insects would often bite unwary baseball players on the arms, legs, and other parts of the body that are exposed. To treat insect bites, you should have sting relief pads that can reduce the inflammation from the bite and clean the affected area.


Before you cover the wounds with bandages, you would first need to apply antiseptic so that bacteria and germs won’t infect the wounds and make them worse. There are various sizes for antiseptics available in the market, but you can get the smallest one to fit perfectly inside the first aid kit and just refill it once it’s empty.

Cotton Balls or Buds

To get rid of dirt or grime that got stuck on cuts, scrapes, and other wounds, you will need cotton balls or buds that are soaked in antiseptic or alcohol. Cotton balls are more effective and safer for removing dirt from the wound instead of your fingers, so don’t forget to add a pack of cotton to the first aid kit.

Antiseptic Wipes

In addition to cotton balls, antiseptic wipes are also great items to have in order to effectively remove dirt and clean wounds on specific parts of the body. There are antiseptic wipes that are 100% sting-free, which means that the person won’t feel pain while you are cleaning his or her wounds using the wipes. The sting-free feature of antiseptic wipes makes it perfect for children or teenagers who are often scared of pain.

Ice Packs

Baseball players, especially those that are very young, are prone to getting sore muscles. To reduce the inflammation, you would need to apply ice packs on the affected area, which will cool down the muscle to stop it from overheating. Of course, you shouldn’t put ice inside the first aid kit, but you should have a standard ice pack and just bring a small cooler with ice inside that you can use to fill up the ice pack. Make sure that the ice pack that you will be purchasing and adding to the first aid kit is safe to use for children and won’t leak.

Gauze Pads

For wounds that are bigger for bandages to cover, you should have gauze pads ready in the first aid kit, as these pads are often much bigger than bandages and are also helpful in absorbing blood and making wounds dry faster. Of course, before applying a gauze pad to the wound, you would need to clean it first with antiseptic wipes. Then apply gauze pads thoroughly so that no blood can escape from the padding inside.

Trainer’s Tape

If a baseball player has a sprained ankle, covering it with trainer’s tape can help keep the ankle in place so that the sprain won’t worsen. In addition to covering injuries, a trainer’s tape can also help in improving muscle contraction and allow the elbow to open up better during swings or pitches. But, if a sprained ankle is bad, it would always be best to send the injured player to a clinic or hospital where he or she will be properly treated.


In order to cut the trainer’s tape, gauze pads, and bandages in proper shapes, lengths, and sizes, you will need a pair of scissors in the first aid kit. There are many types of scissors that are available in stores, but the one that you should get is the medical scissors that are more suitable for cutting gauze pads and bandages.

Medical Gloves

You should always wear medical gloves whenever you are cleaning wounds or using the first aid kit for various purposes, as it will keep your hands from getting dirty, as a pair of dirty hands can have bacteria or germs that can cause infections on the wounds you are treating. The best type of medical gloves to have in a first aid kit are non-latex gloves that are made from nitrile or vinyl, as latex can typically cause irritations on the skin.

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Those are ten of the most important items that a first aid kit should have for youth baseball. For minor wounds, a first aid kit can be very helpful in treating cuts, scrapes, burns, or bruises from playing baseball. However, for major injuries like sprained ankles, it is recommended that the injured player should be brought to a nearby clinic so that they can get treatment. Don’t let wounds and injuries get worse, and treat them immediately.

If you are going to bring a first aid kit with you for a baseball game in another state or for an overseas game, read our tips on How to Fly with Baseball Equipment to know more about what to do and what to bring.