Japanese Baseball Glove Manufacturers

baseball glove and ball

It seems that Japanese-made athletic gear took the sporting world by storm, with golfers switching to Mizuno Irons clubs to volleyball players donning Mizuno sneakers. In baseball, the Japanese trend has also grown, with more players preferring to wear Mizuno spikes instead of the usual Nike, Adidas, and Puma cleats. The wave … Read more

Most Popular Brands of Baseball Bats

Baseball player hitting ball with bat in close up under stadium spotlights

Athletes everywhere aspire to play like the pros. Whether it is a young rookie who wants to play like their favorite players or a college athlete seeking to make it big by using the same gear that made others big stars, we want to know what kind of gear the pros are … Read more

Top Baseball Equipment Bag Manufacturers

A DeMarini baseball backpack sporting two baseball bats

It’s only a bag for storing baseball stuff, right? Well, it may be “just” a bag, but you should not let that fact influence you to choose inferior baseball equipment bag. It still has to be made of good quality materials to ensure a longer-lasting use. Yes, baseball bags are as important … Read more

Top Catcher Gear Manufacturers

A catcher poised for a potential catch

The job of being a baseball catcher is actualy a lot more difficult that what it looks. Not only a catcher has to squat to get himself ready for the pitch, he should also give the pitchers the signal to suggest what kind of pitch the pitcher should throw. He also instructs … Read more

Top Metal Bat Manufacturers

A selection of baseball bats

Baseball players have certain preferences; not just in their playing styles, but also in choosing bats. For instance, most players choose metal bats over wooden ones because they think metal bats allow them to swing with better speed and more control. This may be true; if you have looked at statistical data, … Read more

Top Wood Bat Manufacturers

Among the most essential elements of baseball are the bats; needless to say, we can’t think of baseball without them. There have been a number of manufacturers that lay claim to being the best wooden baseball bat maker in the market. They use varieties of wood (ash, birch, hickory, maple, etc.) and … Read more

Top Baseball Glove Manufacturers

Baseball Glove Manufacturers

When shopping for baseball gloves, one of the first things that buyers look into is the brand. When the brand looks and sounds familiar to them, they automatically assume that they make quality gloves. That might be true most of the time, but it’s always best to conduct some research before buying … Read more