Introduction and Reviews of Baseball Accessories

Whether they are required or not, baseball accessories will definitely help in honing a baseball player’s skills and putting him to the top of his game. If you are new to baseball or you have just got past the basic and essential baseball gear, now it’s time for you to know about the lesser-known (but nevertheless helpful) baseball accessories.

Different types of baseball accessories

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Hitting tee
Radar gun
Pocket Radar
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Stalker Sport 2 Radar
Eye black
Pine tar
Bat grip tape
Weighted balls
Bat weight
Jaeger bands

1. Hitting tee

The hitting tee is essential for any player. It holds the ball in place for the batter to swing at, and makes a great tool for training mechanics and bat speed. If you need to perfect your swing, a hitting tee will be a reliable tool because it places the ball in a fixed, consistent spot. Since a good hitting tee is portable and doesn’t take up much space, you can take it anywhere – inside your garage, at your backyard, or to an open field. Most, if not all hitting tees, are adjustable.

2. Radar gun

A radar gun is essential for any baseball player, especially pitchers. It measures the speed and velocity of a thrown baseball in miles per hour (mph). The radar gun’s purpose is to track the pitcher’s progress in his overall performance, particularly his speed and velocity in throwing the ball. The following lists the most popular radar gun brands and models:

a) Pocket Radar – This is a reasonably priced radar gun model. A bit finicky, but once it is positioned properly, it will be able to give out instant, correct and accurate readings.

b) Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun – This is incredibly cheap and might be good for basic measuring, although it is not as reliable as the other models.

c) Stalker Sport 2 Radar – The most expensive among the three, but it gives the fastest, the most accurate and the most reliable readings.

3. Eye black

An eye black is a strip of grease which is usually applied under the eyes to minimize glare from the bright sun or dazzling footlights. This is not required or compulsory, but for baseball players who are annoyed or feeling uncomfortable by the sun’s glare or by blinding stadium lights, the eye black is an ideal solution. It draws heat and light away from the the player’s eyes, helping them with vision. Plus, it looks cool too.

4. Sunglasses

Sometimes, a pair of sunglasses is required especially when matches occur literally under the sun. Sunglasses that are specifically made for baseball players have the same functionality as the regular sunglasses. However, baseball sunglasses are made to be more durable to ensure long-term use and to be able to stand up to the rigors of the sport.

5. Pine tar

Pine tar is not essential or compulsory, but it can be considerably useful in most situations especially for the hitter. It is usually put on bat’s handle or grip. The main purpose of the pine tar is to help the hitter to improve his grip on the bat. Pine tar is highly recommended for use with the batting gloves on. However, it is considered illegal for a pitcher to use pine tar on his hands when he is pitching.

6. Bat grip tape

Many bats come equipped with their own tape already on, but there are bat grip tapes that are designed to improve the hitter’s grip on the bat and to prevent slipping. Essential and stylized versions are not required or compulsory. This tape can be removed and replaced with a new one according to the player’s personal choice, especially if the old tape is overused and coming loose.

7. Weighted balls

Weighted balls are not required but highly recommended. A weighted ball is used particularly during pitching drills to help improve the pitcher’s mechanics and velocity. Weighted balls are often used in warm-up exercises before throwing in the actual game.

Weighted balls are also useful for hitters as well. If a hitter experiences trouble with his swinging, a weighted ball should help in improving his existing velocity. Weighted balls are often used in hitting drills and warm-up exercises before hitting in the actual game.

8. Bat weight

Also known as the “baseball doughnut,” a bat weight is an accessory that puts additional weight on a baseball bat. It is typically used when the hitter is standing on deck. One of the bat weight’s primary purpose is to improve the bat speed. It also helps with timing after taking it off when hitting at a plate. While a bat weight is not required or compulsory, it is very helpful especially when during warm-ups and drills.

9. Jaeger bands

Like many baseball accessories, Jaeger sports bands are not required, but they are otherwise helpful in improving a player’s performance. Jaeger sports bands are useful especially to pitchers. Constant use with this equipment increases arm strength and boosts pitching stamina, making it ideal for warm-up exercises. You can form and create a variety of exercise modes using Jaeger bands.

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