Fishing from a boat: features and specifics

Ideal fishing, which can bring the fisherman true pleasure and satisfaction, is easily feasible if the fisherman not only has the appropriate gear and accessories.

But also understands the features of fishing from a boat, and also knows what kind of fish can be caught from it.

Follow the next steps to get maximum pleasure from fishing and a good catch

  • choose a suitable place for fishing: river, reservoir, lake, etc.;
  • decide on a watercraft: if you plan to fish in a small body of water, fishing in a rubber boat will give the best result. But fishing on larger rivers or lakes is preferable on aluminum boats with a motor with a carrying capacity of 700 kg and above.
  • take care of gear: the choice of gear depends on the place of fishing.

What kind of fish you can catch from a boat

For successful fishing with an excellent catch, it is not enough just to prepare the bait, lure, and collect gear but you also need to know what and when you can catch from the boat. Indeed, the catch of prohibited fish can lead to administrative liability.

Since the opening of the fishing season, fishing from a boat has become publicly available. During this period, you can not only catch roaches from a boat but also go fishing for predatory fish. The fishing of individual fish species provides the following features:

  • fishing for bream from a boat is considered the most effective in the summer. For these purposes, you can use a float rod or a feeder, as well as a ring.
  • fishing for crucian carp from a boat is especially relevant in the hot season when it swims away from the coast. In this case, the most effective way is to catch crucian carp from a boat onto a fishing rod.
  • fishing for pike perch from a boat is carried out both by spinning or bait fishing rod. The latter method involves the presence of specific gear, an important element of which is a fishing rod with a length of not more than 50 cm.
  • fishing perch from a boat is best done using spinning, while fishing tactics depend on the depth of the reservoir, as well as the age of this fish species.

Use of the fishing sounder on a boat and its advantages

An echo sounder is a piece of special navigation equipment that is designed to determine and further study the depth of the body of water. Fishing with an echo sounder from a boat provides the following benefits:

  • examination of the bottom topography with its help reveals not only the placement of various pits and hills but also the presence of snags and cramps;
  • the use of the device in an unfamiliar reservoir makes it possible to find a place where most of the fish is concentrated;
  • using such a device while fishing from a boat, you can determine the size, and in some cases, the breed of fish;

Having such equipment in the fishing arsenal, you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the habitat and accumulation of fish, as well as determining the depth of the reservoir.