Guide to Selecting a Fastpitch Softball Bat

Searching for a well-performing fastpitch softball bat that fits your specific needs can be a challenge.  A fastpitch softball bat is designed to maximize the sweet spot, enabling the hitter to maximize the probability of getting good placements. The grip is also important.  Carefully considering these factors will help determine which bat is best for you. 

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How to buy the right fastpitch softball bat?

How to buy the right fastpitch softball bat

Here’s our general guide to selecting the right fastpitch softball bat:

1) Length

Many fastpitch players believe that a longer bat gives them better plate coverage. While it’s true that a longer bat will allow you greater reach, it tends to swing more heavily. If the bat is too long, it might hamper your swing speed and prevent you from catching up to specific pitches. So, when choosing the bat length, keep the plate coverage in mind, but don’t forget your swing and stance. 

Bat length is measured in inches, from the knob to the end cap. The longer the bat, the greater its reach, allowing you to hit the balls outside the plate. Again, a longer bat tends to swing more heavily as it may have greater mass toward the end of the barrel, thus requiring more arm power to swing it. 

Thus, experts recommend going to an actual sporting goods store and trying out bats of various lengths by swinging them. It will help you determine which option will best suit your swing. If you feel that this bat has the right balance of length and weight, it will help you attain peak performance. 

Fastpitch bats usually measure between 28 and 34 inches. It’s good to have a size chart for examples of which length may be appropriate.

2) Swing weight

Bat weight is measured in ounces. The term “drop weight” is used to refer to the bat’s weight, which is the length in inches minus its weight in ounces. The weight distribution may differ depending on the specific bat. Some bats have an even weight distribution, while others tend to be heavy toward the end of the barrel (usually designed for more experienced hitters).

3) Weight drop

In figuring out a bat’s weight drop, we’ll give you an example: if a bat measures 31 inches long and weighs 21 ounces, it has a -10 drop in weight.

A general rule of thumb when choosing a fastpitch bat: the higher the competition level, the lower the bat’s weight drop, meaning the bat is heavier. For example, a -8 bat is heavier than a -10 bat. Experienced players are more likely to have the strength required to swing and control heavier bats. On the other hand, younger players usually play with lighter bats that are easier to control.

4) Composite

Composite fastpitch bats are made with a layered material (usually carbon fiber), which is easy to distribute. This allows manufacturers to craft bats with various swing weights that range from balanced to end-loaded.

5) Construction

Fastpitch bats come in a linear or gapped wall design. The linear design consists of a single-wall barrel, while the gapped wall design utilizes the lower compression outer barrel and an inner wall that can produce a trampoline-like effect for increased performance.

6) Barrel diameter

The barrel is the widest and thickest end of the bat. It is where you’re looking to make contact with the ball when you step to the plate. Barrels are measured by diameter and come in different sizes. Almost all fastpitch bat barrels measure 2 ¼” in diameter.

Some examples of fastpitch softball bats on the market to check out:

1. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger is a star performer, and it has become better with its unique performance plus composite that boasts zero friction and double wall design. This ensures the barrel reaches its maximum flexibility without much resistance. The power capabilities have left more marks with the patented IS technology, two-piece construction, and barrel technology. The light swing weight, superior balance, and maximized sweet spot make it a perfect tool to play a dream inning. The barrel flex has been crafted to get maximum performance.

2. Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

With its promising technical aspects, this bat from Mizuno allows a better performance from the least of your efforts. It carries a lightweight design so that hitters always believe in attaining maximum swing speed. The cushioned and padded grip gives heavenly comfort to hold while it unleashes the confidence from inside to bang a delivery hard like anything. The MZ-1700 aluminum alloy guides through every shot while players hit effortlessly to carve out the best hits. It is the ultimate choice to own, while it never disappoints you in its durable reign.

3. De Marini Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat

This DeMarini product is a technically sound and powerful item to launch stunning shots. The sweet spot is designed precisely for better placement, and the 12 length-to-weight ratio signifies its balanced design. It carries 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter to get better hold and performance. The lightweight feel makes things better, and a supreme grip assists in launching powerful shots without caring much about the impact. It has a one-year manufacturer warranty and claims its durable features boldly

4. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger boasts performance plus composite that is lighter and more enduring. The S1iD barrel improvisation makes the barrel flex to attain its maximum allowable performance mode. The handle and barrel connection have more sound with iST technology, making it so delightful to hold this stellar. The zero-friction double wall is crafted to a maximized flex. It is ergonomically designed to attain a balanced swing weight to carve out maximum swing speed. 

5. DeMarini 2023 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat

This DeMarini 2023 CF series is available in varying drop weights (from -11 to -8), making the bats light but strong. The Paraflex Plus Composite barrel allows it to generate maximum pop. The new Type-V Connection maximizes barrel performance by directing energy to the heart of the barrel and away from the hitter’s hands, while the Tracer End Cap helps improve bat speed while maintaining barrel performance.


There are many bats in the market, but only a few meet the lists of demands because better technology and design always remain the key to manufacturing a powerful and comforting bat. It’s using science in the heaviest way possible to make a magical object and benefit the user like it’s some magic.