Top Metal Bat Manufacturers

Baseball players have certain preferences; not just in their playing styles, but also in choosing bats. For instance, most players choose metal bats over wooden ones because they think metal bats allow them to swing with better speed and more control.

This may be true; if you have looked at statistical data, home run production and batting averages tend to be higher when batters swing metal “sticks” instead of wood. While wooden and composite bats are still very much a part of the game, metal bats have their own unique advantages.

One advantage is that metal bats have a “trampoline effect,” which means that they spring the ball back when coming into contact with it. This ‘sweet spot’ is one of the metal bat’s main advantages over wood. Plus, a metal bat has fewer chances of breaking off or cracking as compared to a wooden bat.

On the other hand, many players have also complained about the vibrating sensation that metal bats tend to leave in their hands, especially after they’ve hit the ball really hard. Some might also say that wooden bats are better as they train the players and give them the chance to drive the ball.

It’s clear that metal bats have disadvantages, but the fact remains that they’re gaining a lot of popularity. There are still several kinds of metal bats to choose from, with the choice determining what kind of game you’re going to play. Looking at some of the best metal bat manufacturers can help us make this choice.

Metal Bat Manufacturers

Manufacturers are rarely amiss when it comes to the latest in technology and design of baseball bats. They are also knowledgeable about the ever-evolving trends in the sport as well as the changing preferences and styles of the players. Having translated these factors into making the finest baseball equipment in the market, the top manufacturers include several varieties of baseball bats, especially metal ones.

1. Marucci


Marucci Sports

Marucci Sports, or simply Marucci, is a company that knows its way towards making high-quality baseball gear. This is largely because its founders are former MLB players.

Aside from other kinds of baseball equipment, Marucci makes some of the best metal bats out there. One of their most popular models, the Marucci CAT 7, is made to guarantee fewer vibrations and hence less annoyance. This is because it’s equipped with the brand-new “anti-vibration” knob. It comes in a one-piece alloy construction to ensure durability as well as a solid and stable batting performance.

There are several other excellent Marucci metal bats. The CAT 6, for instance, also comes with a one-piece alloy construction which gives it durability and a nice “pop” as well. This model also has an incredible ability to absorb shocks and vibrations – about 5.6 times its nearest competitor!


2. Rawlings

A woman playing baseball with a black baseball bat

Rawlings is no doubt one of the “classic” brands. Aside from their Big Stick wood bats, their VELO series (which comes in both wood and metal) has also been making waves in the world of baseball.

Some of Rawlings’ VELO metal bats have gained a reputation for being one of the lightest bats to work with. The lightness of the bat translates to maximum energy being transferred to the ball as the bat hits it. The result is better, faster and more powerful batting. VELO metal bats also allow for greater control. Among the most popular VELO metal bats are the Silver Comp Lite and the 2018 Velo USSSA Baseball Bat, each of which comes in a one-piece alloy frame.


3. Easton


This brand (now BRG Sports) makes some of the best metal bats. A bit of trivia: Easton created the first aluminum bat in 1972. It was then followed by other manufacturers before the use of metal bats became widespread.

One of the best metal bats from this company is the Easton Z-CORE Speed Whiteout. This is a limited-edition model that comes with a one-piece alloy construction and a nice all-white finish. It also boats the Z-CORE internal technology, which allows for big, expanded “sweet spots.” The subsequent Beast X uses an advanced thermal alloy construction, allowing for an incredibly strong and powerful swing that it creates a “bang.” Finally, this bat has a good weight which makes swinging it more balanced and less onerous.


4. Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger

Whether they’re wood or metal, you can be sure of the top-of-the-line bats that Louisville Slugger offers. These are engineered for excellent performance at attainable prices.

The Louisville Omaha 518 is made to be durable and long-lasting even after several swings and strikes. This is because it is made out of the high-quality ST 7U1 + alloy construction that makes this bat seem to be always “hot out of the wrapper” every time you use it.


5. DeMarini


DeMarini is also one of the names that you can trust when you’re shopping for metal bats. One fine example is the DeMarini Voodoo One, which comes with a solid one-piece aluminum construction. This kind of design allows for a balanced swing. The Voodoo One is one of DeMarini’s lightest bats, and its lightweight construction boosts both swing speed and power.

Another good model from DeMarini’s metal bats lineup is the DeMarini CF Zen. It might cost a bit more than other metal bats but is probably a worthwhile purchase for serious players. The construction here creates a huge and expanded sweet spot, mostly thanks to the Paraflex Composite material that makes up the barrel. Since this bat is equipped with the D-Fusion handle, there’d be no worries about annoying vibration on the hands after hitting.


6. Anderson Bat Company

Anderson Bat Company

Anderson Bats was founded in 1991 in Santa Fe Springs, California. This is one of the last bat makers that still have all of their operations within the United States. The founder of this company is Steven Anderson, who was previously a bat designer for Louisville Slugger. This gives s the reassurance that the bats from this company will be at least competitive with those from the famed Louisville Slugger.

The adult baseball bats from Anderson include the NanoTek line, which is an all-metal option for those who don’t like composite bats. The Launch Pad technology in every Anderson bat offers stellar performance without the need for a breaking-in period. This technology also means that Anderson has a very strong backing for their claim of having the largest sweet spot in the market.

The Anderson Flex -3 BBCOR is one excellent option from this company, especially as it boasts a one-piece alloy construction. This model promises a balanced swing weight and excellent speed. The K series of Anderson bats is also worth a look, as they use a new kind of alloy that presumably results in a lighter and more responsive experience.


7. Worth Baseball Bats

Worth Baseball Bats

Worth Baseball Bats was founded in 1912 and is currently located in St. Louis, Missouri. They started out making harnesses, and then entered the baseball and softball market. Eventually, they expanded their operations into other forms of sports equipment. Their experimentations with wooden bats soon evolved into aluminum versions. Their main concentration is still on metal bats today. With 40 years of experience under their belt, Worth is known as one of the best brands for metal bats in the sporting industry.

Worth is also known for its reputation in making a wide variety of bats for different players. The Worth Girls’ 2015 Storm Pink Tee Ball Bat is one such example, with a lightweight barrel of 2.25 inches. This model’s alloy construction and synthetic leather grip provide a tight and comfortable feel. The whole combination makes for an easy swinging experience.


8. Miken Baseball Bats

Miken Baseball Bats

Miken Baseball Bats was founded in 1998 and is located in Caledonia, Minnesota. It’s known for manufacturing high-end baseball bats, with its offerings being highly regarded in many baseball circles. These bats are also quite highly-priced, but the 100 Comp formula and Triple Matrix Core technology make them a valuable purchase.

The Freak Black Youth 2-Piece Baseball Bat is one unique offering from this company. It’s USSSA-approved, which makes it suitable for most youth leagues. With this bat, any youth player can make the most of their swing and even get to the next level in their game. Overall, this is a lighter sort of bat that’s built to absorb any annoying vibrations from all sorts of contact. Miken is currently working on a better barrel, so we may expect more high-quality metal bats very soon.


There are several more baseball bat manufacturers in the market, but the ones we’ve discussed above are the best choices for metal options for the best baseball players. Reading the reviews and going for the highest-rated model will give us a higher chance of securing an excellent metal bat for our playing and practice.