Tips for Protecting Your Skin from the Sun as a Baseball Player

Baseball is considered one of the most fun sports, but it could sometimes be the most grueling to play, as you would have to play it in an open field or stadium, so you would be exposed to the harmful elements outdoors, such as dirt, different weather conditions, and sunlight. Although the sunlight is healthy for people early in the morning (as it gives you Vitamin D), it is not the same when you are exposed to it during the middle of the day or afternoon, where the sun rays are much harsher and could damage your skin. 

So, as a baseball player, you will need to provide ample protection for your skin if you do not want it to get damaged while playing under the sun. To help you know more about what you can do to maintain your skin health, here are basic tips for protecting your skin from the sun as a baseball player.

Always Wear a Hat

regular baseball hat

The baseball hat is such an iconic piece of headwear that even those that haven’t played or watched baseball are wearing it. One of the reasons why the hat is so popular is that it can provide sufficient shade for your eyes, which you will need if you don’t want to be blinded by the sunlight. When the sunlight hits your eyes, you will not be able to see clearly on the field, so you will need to wear your baseball hat at most times except when you are the batter or hitter (because you will need to wear protective headgear).

Besides helping you get better vision under the sun, the baseball hat can also protect your face against the harsh sunlight, which can cause sunburns. The skin on your face is the most sensitive out of your entire body, so you will need to give more protection for it, and one of those effective protections is simply wearing a hat.

Cover Most Parts of Your Body

The second tip that we can give you to protect your skin while playing baseball is to cover most parts of your body so that they won’t be exposed to sunlight. In today’s era, the baseball uniform given by leagues and teams provides sufficient protection for your chest and legs, although your arms are exposed. 

Most baseball players would wear compression sleeves to cover their arms while also reducing the soreness of their muscles. So, if you want to have a cover for your arms that also gives other benefits, then you should try wearing compression sleeves. The feel of compression sleeves on your arms may take some time to get used to, so you should wear the sleeves for longer periods of time during practice so that they will already feel like nothing once you play a game.

Apply Sunscreen

Whenever you are outdoors playing sports or doing any kind of activity, it is essential that you apply a little bit of sunscreen on your skin, as it can offer invisible protection for your skin against harmful sun rays. Sunscreen is effective in blocking both UVA and UVB rays, which are both harmful for our skin and our entire body. If you’re going to play baseball for hours, you will need a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher so that it can have stronger protection.

You should apply sunscreen to most of your body parts, even the ones that you think aren’t exposed for baseball players, like the legs. Remember that sunscreen can usually wear off after two hours, so if the game still isn’t finished by that time, you should reapply sunscreen to your skin.

Stay in the Shade While Not in the Field

baseball game at a stadium

There will be moments in the baseball game where you have to sit out or get benched, and in those instances, you would need to stay in the shade as much as possible so that your skin will get a little bit of rest from the sunlight. Take full advantage of the shade provided by the stadium on your team’s bench, and just stay there until your name is called by the coach.

In addition, you should also take the opportunity of being on the bench to get some proper rest, as constantly moving can overheat your body and make you dehydrated, which can sometimes be bad for your skin since it can get dry.

Moisturize Your Skin

Dehydrated skin is more susceptible to getting sunburns and other kinds of skin-related illnesses. As such, you will have to moisturize your skin by applying hydrating moisturizer. In addition to the moisturizer, a tip to keep your skin moisturized is to never wash it with hot water, which can evaporate the liquid or moisture absorbed by the skin.

Moreover, you should also drink plenty of water while you are on the bench. The water will keep your skin and other parts of your body hydrated. If you don’t drink water while at a baseball game, your heart rate and body temperature will rise and may cause you to pass out.

Have a Proper Skin Care Routine

In order to have stronger skin that is less prone to getting damaged, you will need to have a proper skin care routine. A skin care routine is essential for many athletes, as it can make them healthier and also give their skin much-needed protection.

A skin care routine involves moisturizing your skin daily, applying different types of skin care products that are not harsh, and also bathing properly with the use of personal hygiene products like soap and face wash that specialize in skin care. By taking care of your skin properly, the other tips that we have stated here in this article will be more effective.

Those are the simplest tips on protecting your skin from the sun whenever you are playing baseball on the field. Remember to take care of your skin daily, even on days where you don’t play baseball or go outside, so that it will remain healthy and strong.